Capricorn Child — Aries Parent

Parent-Aries rushes forward through life at full speed, and Capricorn prefers moderate speed. Therefore, Aries always has to adjust Capricorn - he himself does not have enough patience to slow down and adjust to the step of the judicious Capricorn, but earth sign annoys when he is pulled forward, not allowing to take a breath. Capricorn tends to live according to plan. Even in his childhood, he appreciates the order and regime, the thought of which brings boredom to Aries. As a parent, Aries will try to organize his time better and show responsibility, but sooner or later he manifests his usual impulsiveness.

Capricorn and Aries strive to achieve the goal, they hate can not waste time, and therefore Aries admires the zeal and independence of the child. Capricorn rarely misses himself and is able to occupy himself. Aries strikes Capricorn’s ability to concentrate for a long time, remembering how restless he was in his childhood.

Aries Mother — Capricorn Child

Capricorn is extremely rare, independent, and therefore it sooner stops clinging to the mother’s skirt. Nothing will satisfy Aries Mother more than a child demonstrating her independence. In fact, Aries is an affectionate and loving mother, but she believes that everyone should learn to stand on their own, and the need to constantly patronize the child depresses it. Therefore, she encourages Capricorn’s desire for independence, offering him, for example, to stay with friends or earn pocket money himself - Aries mother will not protect him from the dangers of the big world.

Little Capricorn treats the rules and order with respect, well, it only hinders my mother-Aries. She likes searching, she is excited about adventures, and she is determined to enjoy every minute of life! She gets bored with everyday work around the house, and she is ready to forget about her at the first opportunity. But she needs to remember what her child needs. Little Capricorn feels abandoned, if he does not know exactly when he will be fed or where to find his mother, if he suddenly needs it. So Aries mother will have to think about her schedule - at least for the sake of the child.

Aries Father — Capricorn Child

This energetic dad lives at high speeds, and his slow and cautious little Capricorn treats life quite differently. Capricorn likes to think about the future and build concrete plans, to be consistent and to bring things to the end. Aries dad, who acts without hesitation, submitting to a rush, simply does not understand why Capricorn needs so much time!

Dad Aries loves the company and easily fits into any group, for example sports. Well, Capricorn is more shy, and it is more pleasant for him to communicate with one or two friends, and not with a noisy crowd. He is very afraid of being rejected, and it is important that Papa-Aries takes the time to help the little Capricorn to develop self-confidence. The father must restrain himself, avoiding outbursts of anger, as his Capricorn child can take them too close to his heart and then walk the whole day darker than the clouds...

Aries do not expect Capricorn to be relaxed or sincere. This child is arranged differently, and he needs to be allowed to perceive life as he understands it. Papa-Aries wants to be proud of his children, and once Capricorn will certainly justify his hopes. He can stay in the background for a long time, but then he suddenly breaks free. In all likelihood, he will achieve great success if supported and encouraged, so that Aries dad must understand his little Capricorn and do not rush him, but always support.

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