Gemini Child — Aries Parent

Gemini throw fuel into the fire of Aries. In other words, the Twins encourage Aries to act. Not that Aries needs stimulation, as he rarely remains at rest, but raising a Gemini child is not a peaceful occupation at all! For starters, you have to answer endless questions: "What are you doing?", "Why are you doing this?" Aries believes that he is forced to justify his actions, and this runs counter to his nature - because Aries is used to just making decisions and acting, Not bothering himself with explanations.

Although in most cases, the communication of these two signs is at ease. Both are restless by nature, although the Gemini are scattered in thought rather than in deeds. Both are familiar with the itch of impatience, and together they can move in a new direction. In the parental duties of Aries most scares the possibility of some restrictions and the need to follow the routine. Therefore, Aries is happy to see in the Gemini child the curiosity of a kindred spirit.

Aries Mother — Gemini Child

To the restless Gemini his mother Aries seems very cheerful. She has so much energy and enthusiasm, and she thinks up such interesting things for him if he suddenly becomes bored! Both are full of determination to enjoy life - and that’s what they do together.

Aries mom will not sit with the child at home if it is possible to arrange an interesting walk or a sortie out of town, especially since her little Gemini is all for the good. She is glad that because of this child does not need to change her own way of life, and she is proud of how he is alive and how everyone is interested.

Both supporters of what is considered right, whether it be some business or their own sense of freedom. But they will rather defend it in words. These two all the time in search, they are attracted by all the exciting new, it is much more interesting for them that for the next turn than what already was and is.

Aries mother and the Gemini child treat each other as best friends. True, the little Gemini sometimes thinks that his mother commands too much, and he also wants to say his own word or decide what to do next. Well, who would like her sudden outbursts of anger? True, Gemini itself does not differ in constancy, if it has a bad mood.

Aries mother is far from as witty as her Gemini baby. He deftly treats the word and understands that this is also a weapon. Mommy is not always ready for a decent answer to put the little scab in place. Instead, she is furious! Fortunately, they are easily reconciled, because they do not want to lose the fun that each other gets in the company.

This mother does not mind that her Gemini takes up several things at once: she shares his energetic approach to life. True, she believes that he should not only talk, but also act, as she herself does. The Gemini are so carried away by the idea and its verbal expression that it is a pity to spoil it with a rough terrestrial reality. In general, Mama-Aries understands his Gemini very well and allows him to live the way he wants. The Gemini child does not interfere with the mother either, because he is so independent!

Aries Father — Gemini Child

The conversational Gemini loves his cheerful father, who really knows how best to use every second! When Papa-Aries is busy with business, he’s just gorgeous. Next to it, life seems to be a complete adventure, and this is just for Gemini, who can not tolerate boredom.

But he’s bored, and quite often, because Gemini’s mind works so fast that it’s hard for others to keep up with him. And since he likes to do several things at once, sometimes he runs ahead, overtaking himself… Fortunately, Father Aries has an inexhaustible supply of new ideas that could take the mind of his child.

Aries, perhaps, does not have such speed of thinking as his little Gemini, but he has enough energy to put his offspring on his shoulder blades. He is ready to offer him a race around the park or a game of football, and this is only for the benefit of a Gemini who needs physical exercises no less than in mental occupations - to balance one with the other.

This dad keeps up with the times, and it pleases Gemini, who can not stand anything (or anyone) old-fashioned. And the father is glad that his child is not too emotional, - Aries begins to feel uncomfortable when someone starts to talk out loud about their feelings...

Gemini likes that his father does not lose sight of his projects until their completion, because he himself is running from one business to another and sometimes does not finish any of them. The father can help him and inspire him to work, but do not expect that the child will get down to business and in one fell swoop all will overcome - this is not in the style of Gemini.

Usually Aries is torn between work, social life and sports hobbies. And the fact that his Gemini child does not expect too much from him, he just pleases. And yet he must find the time to answer all the endless questions of Gemini. I must say that it is interesting for the daddy-Aries, too, so he will not object.

Aries is proud that he has such an intelligent child, and they get along fine. True, sometimes his too smart child can say something stingy or the father will make some rough remark, but this is rare. Basically these two are happy with each other’s company, and together they are having fun.

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