Leo Child — Aries Parent

Once near, these two live fireworks produce an abundance of heat and sparks. In Aries, life always beats the key, he likes to be in the thick of things, and Leo never lags behind him. As a parent, Aries will constantly encourage the child to move forward, and the enthusiasm that Leo possesses easily ignites such urges. Thanks to the frantic Aries-parent, the Lion learns to spill out his fiery energy and learn his strength.

Aries do not pay the slightest attention to obstacles in their path. They are sure: if you want something, then there is a way to achieve this, and if something hinders you, you need to show strength. But unlike the Taurus, Aries rarely bang their heads against a stone wall: if the obstacle seems unremovable, Aries simply switches her attention to something else. Under such parental guidance, Leo learns that he is the master of his family, and as a child he will be encouraged to develop flexibility and strength of muscles.

Aries Mother — Leo Child

This couple is full of fire. We have two bright, self-assured personalities, and everyone values his ability to act and love life in another. Mom is proud of the fact that her child-lion is determined to hold the brand high, although Mama-Aries herself will be the first to rush forward first. It is able to quickly join the case when it is necessary to carry out the conceived. The lion will follow her, but in the beginning he will need a little swing. He’s not so disposed to spontaneous and risky actions, like his brave mother.

In addition, Leo knows that he does not need to prove anything to anyone. He has an innate sense of inner superiority, and even Mother Aries, with all his pride, should give him his due. And she will be delighted with his words and views, answer his questions and... keep his criticisms with him. With such treatment, the little Leo is ready to behave more like a purring cat, and not at all like an enraged Lion, as he happens, without receiving a daily dose of love and reverence.

Mom may think that she is superior to everyone and in everything, but Leo is also determined to be the best. And even if this is not always the case, one should not forget to praise him, only necessarily sincerely. Lion is flattered by praise, and the mother can achieve from him all that she wants, if she skillfully uses compliments. But if it is insincere. The lion will eventually understand everything and will begin to believe that he was betrayed. So, please, be more careful, Mamma-Aries, and do not try to manipulate Leo too much!

In this pair, everyone sees behind the brazen bravado the vulnerable sides of the other. The lion knows that the mother is not always so bold as she would like, and that she needs the support of others to feel confident. Aries sees that roaring Lion is actually as handy as their tabby cat, and that he has a tender, easily vulnerable heart. And each of them needs to know that there is someone else who loves both of them... They give each other the courage they need to look directly into the eyes of life and treat it with the honesty and optimism to which They are capable.

Aries Father — Leo Child

Aries dad wants his child to be as active and successful as he is, so Leo is that child who can justify many of his hopes. Leo has a powerful, but resourceful character, he strives to be the first in school and always in the spotlight. Maybe he is not as adventurous as his father, but he has the same pressure of a sign of fire, and his father loves him for it even more. Both of them believe that they need to live today and that life is given to enjoy it, and not be afraid of it. The sports father will be happy to play football with his child or take him to the stadium with him, although Leo may not show much interest in this, because he is rather lazy.

Leo has a broad view of the world, and he is glad that his father shares it. If these two decide that it’s time to have some fun, it’s impossible to stop them! The father finds time, despite his busy work and social affairs, to bring his child-lion to the zoo, arranges a boat ride or an excursion to the reserve, where there is a safari. With his father, the most usual day can be filled with real adventures, and when the matured Leo will remember his childhood, these vivid impressions will be able to obscure much more.

Father Aries is quick to think and speak, ahead of his more thoughtful child in this respect too. But the Lion also wants to be in front, and they both almost lose their temper, if someone comes on their way who does not hurry! These two have enough energy to achieve everything they want. Both can work well in one team, until someone who somehow deprives them of enthusiasm or they themselves begin to compete with each other and instead of complementing each other, will try to prove that everyone needs to go their own way. These two think in large, but they can not sometimes see not too noticeable, but really important things, so they need someone else who would do their best for them in different trifles.

Father Aries, looking at his child, Leo, can discover that warming others and helping them is, it turns out, very pleasant. And that life is not only a struggle for primacy. It is the Lion with his kind and generous heart that can make his father stop and think about the needs of other people. Aries can be a little distracted father, and he is too busy to take proper care of children. But with Leo he is so interested that he does not want to miss a minute from the time that he was allowed to raise this child.

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