Libra Child — Aries Parent

The presence of the Aries parent makes the Libra bowls constantly oscillate. Magnetic energy Aries carries around in a certain direction, and Libra is quite happy with this alignment, because they like to fit into the company. Aries personifies the energy of the will that motivates, makes you act, and Libra is always identified with the energy of cooperation, peace and harmony.

As long as Aries leads, and Libra follows him, everything goes smoothly. But if you constantly press Libra, they will start to dodge and dodge. They will not answer straight "no", but try to explain: "Look, now I’m not ready for this."

Soon Aries will have to find a way to calm Libra - sounds weird in relation to Libra, right? It’s amazing how these two signs go from confrontation to cooperation and back, but that’s exactly what happens when two signs are opposite each other in the astrological circle - sometimes they change places!

Aries Mother — Libra Child

Active Aries mother with her ebullient energy needs to do something all the time. Libra likes to sometimes rest, dreaming that my mother slowed down a little, although her activity to this child is only beneficial. Sometimes he needs a good push in the back, which would help him to fully use his potential.

In Libra there is a hidden predisposition to adventure, which tries to break out, and Aries mother is precisely that searching person who can help it. With her inspiring enthusiasm and a taste for life, she can enhance the enjoyment that her child receives by trying something new. Libra is never threatened by laziness, while next to such a mother!

This mother is very sociable, and she likes that her Libra baby loves all kinds of companies and easily makes new friends. The mother must admit that her child thinks more of her about other people and has more pleasant manners. Her child is also more diplomatic, and there’s nothing to be done about it. Aries mom likes to be active and always busy, while Libra gives pleasure to bring together different people and gather around them those who can be fascinated.

But do not think that these are all their differences. Aries often rushes forward, not having time to think it through, but Libra weighs all the pros and cons and try to avoid the decision as long as possible, fearing the wrong step and not wanting to offend anyone. Mother Aries would prefer to see that her child uses her energy more constructively!

Libra needs a lot of love to maintain its emotional balance, and the mother must find time to get the child all the tenderness that he needs. And it is good that Aries is not one of those who strikes the other extreme and spoils their children: Libra is benefited by the rigid and consistent discipline on which her mother insists. This child can grow quite soft, if not develop a firmness in it. But with him in no case can not be rude - do you hear, mommy-Aries? Your little adventurer needs a well-balanced dose of love and hardness. Find her, and your Libra child will grow up a happy, self-confident person.

Aries Father — Libra Child

This father likes that his child enjoys moving games. True, not all Libra are such, but one who is athletic enough will always get support and encouragement from his enthusiastic father - and playing ball in the playground, and speaking for the school team.

This father himself is full of enthusiasm, and he will not tolerate his child sitting at the TV instead of doing his job. Aries wants his offspring to succeed, and he does not like it if he refuses the case in favor of rest. But the father must remember that Libra needs enough time to recharge energy, and little Libra really needs periods of peace and quiet.

The character of Aries is quick-tempered, but after a few minutes everything passes: the father knows how to forget and forgive. Libra at times are demanding and quite temperamental. Such a child for a long time does not forget resentment and carries within himself his anxieties, concealing true feelings. Rather, he will pretend that life is excellent!

The father does not like to understand everything that concerns emotions. He is straightforward enough and does not hide what is on his mind, but he must from time to time carefully find out from his child that he is all right with him. Well, Libra needs to understand that there is no need to hide everything so carefully, especially from relatives.

Aries is endowed with the talent of self-affirmation, and he will teach his child to fight for himself, considering this as a necessary condition for success. It is from the father that Libra can come to perseverance and excitement, as well as the ability to compete with others. But the father should not show excessive rigidity, as this often deprives Libra of self-confidence.

And he should make sure that the imagination, artistry and creative beginning of Libra would be properly developed - as well as the ability to sport and the craving for adventure, which are so dear to the daddy-Aries. This couple is associated with a very purposeful relationship, and the Libra child will again use his father’s enthusiasm and energy.

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