Pisces Child — Aries Parent

For Pisces, life is the acceptance of reality, listening to the inner voice, while the Aries lead an unceasing struggle and seek a challenge. Therefore, the parent-Aries child-Pisces may seem inactive, but the Pisces has a very sophisticated approach to life. Pisces are idealists who always strive for the best results.

Because Pisces can be overly compliant, they are lost when faced with the pressure of Aries. Aries can make Pisces fulfills all of its requirements. Aries will need to tame their temper in order to allow Pisces to find their own way. In addition, Aries values courage, strength and independence - those qualities that do not immediately manifest in the Pisces child - but if he looks for kindness, trust and sensitivity, he will immediately notice them in his child.

Aries Mother — Pisces Child

Aries mother makes decisions almost without reflection and acts in the same way. Well, her Pisces baby is waiting for inspiration, then she can not get down to business, and she’s worried about not offending someone with her wrong step. Mama-Aries does not look at anyone, while Pisces tries to find support from anyone who is nearby, fascinating him with her pleasant manners. Aries happens to hurt others with rudeness and aggressiveness, but the sympathetic Pisces is ready to comfort everyone.

Aries prefers to fly through life at the highest speed, but Pisces likes to stroll through it, enjoying the surrounding world. She is artistic, dreamy and very impressionable and does not at all resemble her punchy, active Mom-Aries. Probably, if this mother could look at the world through the eyes of her child, she would completely perceive the environment in a completely different way.

Little Pisces lacks self-confidence, and there is much help Praise and support. Mother, full of conceit, perfectly dispenses with them, but it is necessary to see to it that her child does not feel insecure. Mama-Aries is able to give a lot to her Pisces, but do not decide everything for her. This sensitive and impressionable person needs to be helped to find her own way in the ocean of life, and a hard, used to order a mother can only push her to the wrong choice. If Aries mom will remember this, the child will respond to her love with even greater love.

Aries Father — Pisces Child

Aries dad should be more careful with his little Pisces, because any of his rudeness will cause a whole stream of tears in response... Sudden flashes of irritation may mean nothing for Aries himself, but it hurts the Pisces to the very heart, which makes her self-confidence become at once less.

The father should often embrace her, assuring him that he loves her very much. This child needs confidence in himself and in others. But he still needs an intelligent, reasonably firm leadership, so that Papa-Aries will have to see to it not to be too compliant or too insistent.

Usually, Aries looks at everything cheerfully, while Pisces will always find cause for concern. Aries is a man of action, and he is not able to understand how this can be made decisions, relying on feelings and emotions. From his point of view, feelings are generally something incomprehensible that can not be controlled. He even confuses a little lies, but the Pisces child often resorts to half-truths, so as not to upset anyone! Well, the father, who is very straightforward, believes that everyone else should be as truthful as he is.

These two are so different! A father with his energy can not sleep at midnight, while Pisces goes to bed quite early. She does not have paternal endurance, and her hobby is most often drawing or music, and not something that is sporty-gambling.

Father wants his child to be ahead of everyone, and is ready to bathe in advance in the rays of his glory. But he will have to come to terms with the fact that his offspring may have a completely different idea of his future. Father’s ambitions are simply not the Pisces style. This child, endowed with a rich imagination and special intuition, is more likely to become a creative person than a successful entrepreneur. But he will be happy to deal with the matter that he considers his own.

But all their differences are not so important if their relationship is built on love. It is the love and help of the father that will help the Pisces to become stronger, more determined, especially if it is necessary to stand up for oneself. And Aries can learn from the sensitivity and caring of her wonderful child.

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