Sagittarius Child — Aries Parent

Aries parent and Sagittarius child constantly incite each other to action. These two signs of fire ignite each other, inflate the flame and prevent it from fading, which can be tiring for the rest of the family. Of course, they are well together, they bathe in streams of light and heat, showing enthusiasm and energy. Aries parent is pleased with the child’s susceptibility, the speed of his reaction, the ease of climbing. Aries, who loves to encourage others to act, calls Sagittarius and sees that he has already fled.

It is very easy for Aries and Sagittarius to start a business, but it’s difficult to finish it. They are extremely persistent, but they lack endurance. House Aries and Sagittarius can be filled with unfinished drawings, unfinished cardboard locks and not completely assembled cars - all these cases were abandoned as soon as attention was attracted by something new. And Aries will not seriously protest, knowing that he is no better and is able to cover with wallpaper only half the room or plant five roses out of ten, and then start a new business.

Aries Mother — Sagittarius Child

Although Aries mother loves her Sagittarius child, she is glad that he does not deprive her of the opportunity to be quite free and not to forget about her own interests. He willingly remains with the nanny or with someone else, if only with him play. Sagittarius likes everything around him to come into motion, so that he does not have to miss his Aries mom. Both of them are very sociable and love everything new, although sometimes it seems to her mother that her child changes her passions too often: he could have achieved more if he had stopped on one thing.

Aries mom wants Sagittarius to be among the first textbooks in the class and, perhaps, to implement her own failed ambitions. Sagittarius, of course, is smart enough, but he does not want to be forced to choose what was not part of his plans. It is better for the mother to give him the opportunity to seek his own way in life. But his mother’s enthusiasm is only for his benefit. And, in general, it’s wonderful - that there is a mother who loves life no less than her child! True, Aries must first come to terms with the idea that her Sagittarius will leave her parents’ home early. He hastens to declare his independence, whereas Mama-Aries often thinks that her children simply can not do without it.

Little Sagittarius gets nervous if he has nothing to do, but his mother has so many ideas ready! Sagittarius himself is able to come up with something interesting, but he gets the impression that his mother knows how to do it. In addition, she does not postpone anything for later. She does not hesitate - she acts. And she’s doing so well! He would like to...

Perhaps Mom-Aries likes that she has such a living child, but she will hardly be able to limit it to a framework of reasonable discipline. That is why his youthful rebellion will be a surprise for her. And this child just needs solid leadership from the very beginning, and not in violent educational moments in the style of Aries.

This mother will be happy to go along with the child for all sorts of excursions - she loves new experiences. She is ready to pay little Sagittarius for some work in the house: let him know that money does not fall from the sky and that they need to be earned. But she herself can be a spender, and then the Sagittarius will never learn to put something off for a rainy day... Yes, he does not really believe that black days exist!

Aries likes the enthusiasm of Sagittarius and his cheerful, straightforward nature. This child is as open and carefree as his mother, just as she is impatient and also a fan of adventures. But he needs to feel loved, and the mother should be more affectionate, kinder and more attentive when the child is near. Well, a small Sagittarius will always believe that there is no better mother than him.

Aries Father — Sagittarius Child

How much in common for these two! They can not be put to sleep, because they want to get the most out of every day. They like to discuss different ideas and jointly implement something interesting. Two signs of fire, they light up with each other’s enthusiasm and are ready to immediately move on to action. Just keep in mind: both of them are prone to accidents, so a bit of caution will not hurt both of them.

Aries is pleased with the optimism of his cheerful child - and in this he is like him. In addition, he is as honest as Aries himself. But he does not like very much the straightforward, rude notes of Sagittarius… Although, when they are not referring to him, but to someone else, it’s even funny! Of course, Aries understands that the unrestrained Sagittarius simply blurts out what comes to his mind, and does not want to offend anyone at all. Both of them do not tolerate any restrictions - for both, freedom is above all.

Sagittarius is more calm than his energetic father. He is able to look around to understand what is happening, whereas Aries rushes to act without thinking through to the end. Both of them are self-confident. And no one will say that it’s boring next to them, especially when they are together! True, Sagittarius can and boast, but these exaggerations do not confuse Aries dad. Sometimes he would like to know how to master a word as skillfully as his child!

This father is always busy, and he is not one of those parents with whom one could talk to such delicate topics as feelings. In general, he believes that the blows of fate - this is the most effective science, and emotions just do not need anyone. The father wants the Sagittarius to achieve a lot and be as persistent and prosperous as he is. And although Sagittarius may not have a father’s ambition, he understands well what his father expects from him.

Aries should remember that Sagittarius will be helped in many ways by the warm participation of the father and his friendly approval. Then the child will certainly finish the business, not distracted by the entertainment. Sometimes Sagittarius idealizes his father, believing that he will never be able to become the same. And if so - why then try? Here even a little support of the father will allow the child to throw away unnecessary doubts.

Aries should help Sagittarius correctly determine life, respecting the abilities of his child. Well, Sagittarius is ready to teach his father to think more about others - even if your own success is the most important for you!

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