Scorpio Child — Aries Parent

In traditional astrology, Scorpio and Aries are controlled by the same planet - Mars. As the god of war, Mars controls gusts, triumphs over the vicissitudes of fate and achieves what is desired - all these qualities are inherent in active Aries. Despite the fact that Scorpio’s own planet, Pluto, gives people who were born under this sign other properties that motivate to develop personality, Scorpio nevertheless uncontrollably attracts to Aries - they are kindred spirits, except that Scorpio looks more unruffled. However, when they communicate, they awaken each other’s characteristic features of Mars and prepare for battle!

Scorpio and Aries are not constantly in a state of enmity, but can enter the battle if their paths cross. Any of them is difficult to retreat, because both recognize only victory or defeat. But in the struggle of parents and children neither one nor the other can win - they together make a journey of a lifetime, and short skirmishes along the way end in a draw.

Aries Mother — Scorpio Child

How much energy they have! Mama-Aries is always on the move and does not waste time thinking, if you can act. The powerful energy of Scorpio is more focused around his feelings. This child needs to be engaged in business, so that emotions do not take over him. He would learn from his mom-Aries: not a single free moment for experience!

Scorpio is much more cautious than his mother, and in general the nature is more complex. He thinks a lot before doing anything new. He is quite secretive and does not hurry to trust others, while his mother is open and friendly, but, perhaps, too keen on her own person!

This mother likes to lead an active life outside the family, and she does not always notice that her child-Scorpio has emotional needs, which, perhaps, outwardly do not manifest. Aries thinks that children should be accustomed to independence as early as possible, and it is very difficult for them to realize their emotional attachment to their parents. A Scorpio child requires a lot of love and attention, and if the mother wants him to grow up as a strong person, then he must find time to do it. Scorpio, who lacks care, at first not a single step away from his mother, and then turns into a grim and alienated teenager.

In school, this child will try in every possible way to get ahead, and which mother does not like it? Aries mother would like her Scorpio to always be among the winners. She will try to make him go in for sports and even lead a school team. True, such a mother may look at times too spontaneous and impetuous, and Scorpio prefers that people are more consistent. Well, mother Aries would like to see her child more straightforward and open, because sometimes she just does not understand it! But she will do everything to her child was happy, and she will always be there to protect him.

Aries Father — Scorpio Child

Both Aries dad and the Scorpion child are determined to get everything possible from life. A father with his endless activities will not let a child get bored or too deep in himself, but he should know that Scorpio enjoys the intellectual side of life too. So you need to alternate active pursuits such as walking or sports with activities that would develop the mind and imagination of the little Scorpio.

This father has a hot temper: he can easily flare up, but also quickly cools. He never begins to hold in himself the evil and remember the offense, because in life there are too many interesting things to lose time for irritation. Scorpio will hide his grievances until he finds the opportunity to take revenge - and this can take many years! An optimistic father is disconcerted. Aries itself is sometimes a model of sincerity and artlessness. But the Scorpion has such caches of the soul, and such depths can hide his strong feelings… But under polite appearance this is not visible.

The father does not like to be told directly about his shortcomings, but his child is quite capable of any kind of taunts, though, in the order of self-defense. This child will analyze everyone with whom he is dealing, while the father accepts everyone as they seem. Scorpio is more of a thinker than his father. No, this does not mean at all that the father is not smart enough, it’s just that he is more occupied with actions, and Scorpio - with feelings and thoughts.

Aries does not like to be tied to the house, well, a small Scorpio would like everything to be the opposite. Aries is a business man with an active career and may even sometimes seem too noisy, grasping and self-confident. Little Scorpio would like his father to be softer and caring that he always listened to his child and supported him emotionally. And Aries is quite difficult to deal with feelings. But if he tries, he will find that it is quite possible!

The father will have to find time for answers to inquisitive questions of the child. He may not understand why this is necessary, - so deeply to delve into the very essence of things - but he should not seem insolvent! Aries will rejoice at the determination of Scorpio, and the child will try to imitate his active father. And the more heat the father gives to his child-Scorpio, the more love he will receive in return.

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