Taurus Child — Aries Parent

If you were born under the sign of Aries, and your child - under the sign of Taurus, you are waiting for surprises. Aries tends to measure the strength of character by the visible amount of force. Being Aries, you are persistent, independent and energetic, therefore, you can assume that your soft, affectionate Taurus-child is made of another test! Correctly, he is not as energetic as you, but he will not give in to resolve and perseverance, and if you ever go too far, pushing to the action of your Bull, you will have to face the famous Taurus stubbornness. Nothing in the world will force Taurus to change his decision as soon as he accepted it.

The best thing is to let the Taurus child live in its rhythm. Taurus is so purposeful that his determination can take you by surprise. He radiates love and affection, but it is worth it to stand in his way, and Taurus will turn into stone. Representations of Taurus rest on a solid foundation, and the more one tries to insist on his Aries, the more unshakable becomes the Taurus. Such persistence can cause acute irritation. Even if red-hot, you will not make him hurry, tying shoelaces. You will have to live by the time of Taurus, and soon you will find that in the days of Taurus a few hours more than the average Aries.

Aries Mother — Taurus Child

Energetic Aries mom often starts her own family life at a fairly young age, not wanting to give up her work or a busy company. But if her child was born Taurus, she will not entrust him to the cares of others - at least at first. This mother has an inexhaustible energy, and it can even occur to her that the Taurus baby, with his slowness and love of home, lags behind in development a little.

She will drag him to endless family gatherings or build into groups for games. Communication is really very useful for Taurus, if only he knows that next to him is a mother who will embrace him approvingly when it is needed. Aries are usually much more modern than the loving tradition of Taurus. This mother is willing to risk where Taurus will stop. So the child can even consider that his mother is free from conventions!

More than anything in the world, Aries mother wants her child to succeed. Taurus goes to the goal like a bull at the gate, and if he really is set for success, his mother will be proud of him. True, he will not do it as fast as Aries, but do not press him. The mother must make sure that Taurus understood well what his task was, and then he could not be stopped.

A stubborn Taurus child will not tolerate if the mother starts to command, trying to arrange for him his life. To know that something is demanded from him that he does not want is not for Taurus, but he needs confidence that his affairs are going properly, so that he will be happy if the mother will be able to create for him a climate of reliability And will not rush to claim independence.

This mother can be annoyed by the fact that Taurus needs so much time to tidy himself up, and that he is not as persistent as herself. She must wait until Taurus learns to stand on its own and can not express their needs and emotions. Do not forget that Taurus needs constant support. So it is better to create an atmosphere of trust and help the child to remain himself. Taurus does not hurry to get the attention of others, as Aries does. But there is so much power in him, and at the same time he knows how to relax, which Aries mother always lacks. Why not learn from her own child?

Aries Father — Taurus Child

Being a man of action, Aries does not always understand what to do with his child, who is so attached to the house. Dad is constantly on the run and full of energy. He loves sports and always tries to win the winners. Well, the tanned Taurus is happy to sit with a book or with an album for drawing, often listening while relaxing music. He is not enthusiastic about what requires effort, does not like competitions and adores the sweet, so the Taurus child often differs from his lean, animated father.

Maybe the father will be able to help the child share with him the interest in sports, "infecting" him with swimming or taking walks in nature, which would help the little Taurus gain strength. But the father will have to remember that his child should develop as Taurus does, and he should encourage his child if he shows interest in painting or music. The father must make sure that his Taurus has every opportunity to find himself!

Usually Aries father is full of worries. Sometimes he even becomes a victim of his own dexterity and commits stupid acts, because he is more spontaneous than his sluggish child. But if Taurus dares to behave badly, he will probably get a swallow before he has time to explain everything. The swift Aries is able to impose more guilt on Taurus than it really is. His sudden mood swings often lead to this loving peace and the reliability of the child, so Aries dad must learn to think before expressing everything to his offspring.

In turn, the Taurus becomes a very stubborn creature if he wants something, so it’s important for these two to avoid too many collisions, otherwise the father and child may one day discover that they have nothing in common. But tenderness and affection can make a miracle with Taurus, so the father should be more friendly to hug his child more often, smoothing the sharp corners.

Taurus must be sure that he himself came to what he wanted. He needs the stability of the situation, and he does not want to be forced to be independent or to impose his own pace of life. And if the Aries father learns to favorably treat his slow and thorough Taurus, simply supporting him, they will both be happy.

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