Virgo Child — Aries Parent

Aries can not understand why the Virgo needs to spend so much time on simple things. But for Virgo, quality is of special importance. The Virgo will not hurry, afraid of missing something. This sign constantly "digests" events. Aries will have to get used to this, because despite impatience, he will not be able to get Virgo to accelerate the pace.

As a parent, Aries values the spirit of independence in the child, and although the Virgo is not one of those children who can not wait to start her own life, she is certainly capable of taking care of herself. Virgo does not show child helplessness, because for this her mind is too impetuous, and she works in many ways in her own way from the earliest years. But Virgo does not extend this, not wanting to sing and dance just to show off her talents. Because of her modesty, Virgo is often underestimated, and Aries is especially inclined not to see beyond the outdoor display. Communication with the Virgo child will teach Aries to be more circumspect in his assumptions.

Aries Mother — Virgo Child

Little Virgo does not always understand where her mother’s energy comes from, which everyone has time, and how does she know what and how to do? The Virgo herself is always busy with something, but she can not keep up with her mother. She prefers to first think over the details of what she is going to do, and make sure she has chosen the right direction. Mama-Aries does everything spontaneously - as soon as it came to her mind, and she just does not assume that this may be wrong.

Virgo would like to be as persistent and straightforward as her mother, but she understands that this is not her style. And she would like, like her mother, not to worry about anything… However, there are times when the Virgo is sure that she knows how to act, even better than the mother acting under the influence of the moment. Mama-Aries admits that her child has great ideas, but she would like him to live more real, and not worried about the future.

Mother Aries is good at promoting the interests of Virgo, although there is a danger that she herself will seize the initiative or she will be so carried away by her own affairs that she will forget even about the child. These two cooperate perfectly if they have a common goal - for example, you need to prepare a surprise for your father on his birthday or make a suit for the school setting. Mother Aries is so able to keep up with the times, that she often outstrips her child with a number of new ideas.

This mother can click on Virgo, demanding from her success, and in this Virgo does not need. Waiting for her independence, if she is not ready for this, is also not worth it, but Mama-Aries wants her child to show initiative, be persistent and be able to answer for himself. Virgo prefers to act within the reasonable, knowing exactly what is expected of her, and is going slowly to go the road in which she is sure. Psychological pressure will only exacerbate in it a sense of self-criticism and lead to a lack of mental well-being. And then, she still can not become as aggressively active as her mother!

The virginal nature of the Virgo can serve as an excuse for conflict, provoking too hot Mom-Aries for outbursts of anger, although fleeting. Aries mother is selfish enough, and it is difficult for her to understand why Virgo is trying to help others all the time, instead of taking care of herself. But she can only admire it! And Virgo benefits the energy, strength and enthusiasm with which she is charged by her mother.

Aries Father — Virgo Child

Often Aries hurries to become a father - just to prove that he can. So, probably, he will be young and full of energy, when his baby-Virgo will be born. The father is very athletic, and it has so much vitality! Well, his child, a more fragile "device", prefers a calm style of communication and easily tired. Despite these differences, the father will try to make the child less doubt whether he will get something or not, but simply acted - and as successfully as possible.

Many Fathers-Aries do not find time for their family, as they are passionate about work, social affairs or sports. The Virgo will want her father to come home more, because she appreciates this pleasant feeling when she knows that the whole family is assembled and everything is in place. When the father is at home, he spontaneously manifests his love, that it amuses the Virgo, but also embarrasses. She prefers a conveniently-measured relationship, when she knows what to expect in the next minute.

Aries is also irritable, and can yell at Virgo, especially if she offers something that he himself has not thought of. Well, she takes his shouts too much to heart. Virgo needs a lot of love and encouragement so that her self-confidence can gain strength. Aries also believes that children should be treated more rigorously, in order to temper them, by preparing for communication with a cruel world. He thinks that emotions are the lot of sly people, while his child-Virgo yearns for affection and kind words and suffers from participation in family quarrels.

The father is ready to compete with anyone and anything, because Aries is a gambling personality. Well, the Virgo is not peculiar. The father wants her to do everything at the highest level, as if proving that he should be proud of her, but such strict demandingness can make her unhappy! She needs gentle treatment, and the father must understand that she will always be a worker bee rather than a queen. Aries is born a leader and is not always able to realize that Virgo is another breed and prefers to be led, not leading. But his encouragement with skillful conduct of business will help her realize her potential, because the Virgo herself has a habit of underestimating herself. If the father can show her that she deserves more than she thinks, she really can do anything!

Aries, who are accustomed to thinking widely, Virgo child’s actions may sometimes seem somewhat primitive, but he will appreciate an acute mind and will gladly answer all inquisitive questions. And she wants to know a lot and will certainly be among the most diligent students. So Aries, who likes to be proud of his children, can consider himself a happy father.

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