Cancer Parents

Cancers in their care of children can be considered an embodiment of attention and tenderness, they are ready to devote most of their time to offspring, fiddle and rush with their problems and desires. However, such parents do not have enough common sense in the education of their children, which literally overlaps with an all-consuming love for children.

Children in such families resemble the Cancers themselves, suffering with excessive curiosity and choosing for themselves a support. Small heirs are ready to fully open their hearts and souls to such family educators, to share the most intimate secrets and oppressive fears, knowing that they will be surely heard until the end, will cheer up and give the necessary advice.

Cancers also have a proprietary relationship to their children, but their excessive love can dilute babies to an extreme degree. It’s amazing that, already at a fairly old age, Cancer parents are ready to run headlong to help their overage children, and are very happy when they turn to them for help.

Looking at a family in which adults-Cancers, you can see that the mother gives herself all the children to her children, and her husband seems to be moving to the second plan. However, this version is erroneous. Such a woman has enough care and attention for all members of the family, so no one will be left deprived of her love, receive her portion of warmth and affection.

Cancer Mother

Cancer mothers have strong maternal feelings for their child, surround them with care and attention. With her rich imagination she reveals to her child the beauty of life. Cancer mom likes to tell fairy tales and even invent new episodes in these tales. She understands the inner world of her little child.

Cancer mom can indulge the child and endure his endless pranks and disobedience only until a certain moment, and then she becomes strict, can scream and spank. That is, it happens as too soft, too hard, not always controlling their words and emotions. A child in such a family does not always know exactly what will happen in the next moment and what kind of result you should expect for your tricks.

When a child grows up, the Cancer mothers by their excessive anxiety restrict his freedom. They care where they went and with whom their child. They can not wait for him to return home, despite the fact that they know where he went and what for. She takes a long and meticulous look at the prospective companion or chosen one of her child, makes her own adjustments and even is able to break up the nascent family.

In addition, the Cancer mothers, because of their rich imagination, may be mistaken in assessing the abilities of their child. Therefore, they can inspire him with the idea of his genius. That is, make an elephant out of a fly. In the life of this child, great disappointments, and even tragedy, await. To prevent this from happening, mothers of Cancers should test their child, involve them in different competitions, consult with specialists. This will help them soberly assess the abilities of their child.

Children such a deep maternal love are ready to use for their own purposes, so often they grow up to be selfish, who find it difficult to enter adulthood, overcome difficulties and troubles on their way. They better choose the easy way - to hide like a chick under the wings of an understanding mother who will protect herself and try to resolve the situation. If, growing up, a child gets out of the mother’s influence, then for a long time she feels herself abandoned, lonely and disappointed, having lost her precious guardian object forever.

Cancer Father

Cancer father is not very concerned about his young children. But, as they grow up, he actively connects to the process of education, finds time to communicate with his son and daughter, shows interest in their extra-family activities. He is proud of his son, is ready to protect his daughter as necessary, and with all his might tries to make friends with his offspring, who gladly devote their father to matters and problems.

In the role of father, Cancer serves his child as an example of a caring attitude to relatives and close people, careful treatment of their feelings, self-confidence, diligence, fulfillment of filial duty, firmness and perseverance in upholding their ideals. To their children, the fathers of Cancer experience strong and deep feelings, which are similar to their own feelings, experienced by them in childhood, and which are similar to maternal care. But they carefully hide them.

Cancers are prone to sudden changes in mood, because of which the child loses a clear understanding of his role as a father. If, moreover, Father Cancer hides his feelings, then the child may not understand him at all. Between them will grow a wall of misunderstanding that can, over the years, separate them, make them indifferent to each other. To prevent this from happening, the fathers of Cancer need to share their feelings and experiences with their child, ask the child about his experiences.

But time goes by, children grow up and for a certain period Cancer-fathers feel their lack of demand. However, their grandchildren appear with time, and once again there is that little man who will need help and advice, and therefore Cancers (already grandfathers) in a new capacity can connect to the upbringing of the next generation.

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