Aquarius Child — Cancer Parent

Aquarius and Cancer have completely different aspirations. Cancer is a water creature that occasionally emerges on land, but needs the proximity of water, the elements of feelings. Cancer seeks to create strong emotional bonds in the family, and Aquarius prefers unity of opinion, independence and freedom.

In the first years of a child’s life, the differences between Aquarius and Cancer are less obvious, since a small Aquarius need to feel protected. But sooner or later Aquarius will surprise Cancer by striving to do it in his own way, and Cancer must understand: the independence of Aquarius does not mean lack of love for the family. But if Cancer will over-patronize Aquarius or impose his own conditions on him, Aquarius will try to avoid such custody with all his might. More than any other sign, Aquarius needs freedom, but due to its contradictory nature, it can be very faithful.

Cancer Mother — Aquarius Child

Sensitive mother Cancer treats her child with great love and warmth, but little Aquarius does not have her emotionally and dependence on others: most of all he values his freedom. Mom-Cancer should not tire him with the obsessive demands of reciprocal love. Aquarius is a restrained and independent little person who will start to break out if the mother becomes too much to show her craving for proprietorship.

Cancer mom should allow his child to explore the world, to seek and find adventures, to invent and dream. Aquarius has a vivid imagination, and if his mother restricts him, he will lose a part of what constitutes his essence. So let him, Mom-Cancer, be somewhat unusual and do not sigh from despair, looking at his antics! Perceive him as a creative and inventive personality, because he is so.

This mother is much more common than her child. She has the most earthly values: home, family, comfort and tasty food… Aquarius wants to escape from home to meet with friends, discuss the most incredible ideas, infect others with their enthusiasm. It simply can not be locked at home! Mom should think about a good kindergarten or a school where his imagination will not be crushed. Little Aquarius needs to communicate with people more - without it, he simply can not.

Cancer mother does not really care about the discussion about a new idea, but if it is important for the expansion of the child’s horizons, she will have to find time for this too. Probably, she will become worried because Aquarius is somewhat colder. Cancer mom dreams of greater affinity with her child and she is hurt that he tries to stay away. But this is just a trait of his character. In fact, he really needs her love, because he depends on his parents much more than he wants to show. A mother should never play on his feelings, as any emotional blackmail can lead to the fact that he will move away from her even more.

This mother will approve of Aquarius’ desire to help others. She understands this, because she herself is very caring, but more in relation to relatives, while Aquarius wants to change the whole of our planet for the better. And although Mama-Cancer does not know how to think on such a large scale, she can not but be proud of her child’s aspirations.

Cancer Father — Aquarius Child

Happy Daddy-Cancer is happy to help Aquarius in this, that he is interested this time, and will try to think up for him something else - the child has such an inquisitive mind! But in return this father will want to receive at least some gratitude, which Aquarius probably will not think about. He lives in his own, full of fantasy world, often scattered and generally not too affectionate.

Probably, one day Cancer will find that the child can not be called to discipline. If Aquarius is convinced that he is right (and so he thinks almost always), he will argue, stamp his feet and continue to do everything his own way. Well, Papa-Cancer, if he is not located to fight or is just tired, he will not do anything about it...

But when Cancer’s violent emotions take over, he can burst into a furious tirade, so Aquarius never knows in advance what to expect from his parent. Cancer often has ups and downs of mood. Usually Aquarius reacts to this quite definitely. He either closes in himself, or simply ignores the loud protests of his father. And he can answer with such irrefutable logic that his father will have nothing to say that will upset him even more.

Aquarius will try to evade assistance in the household and do some other invention. This father can not understand, and therefore requires that Aquarius descended from heaven and better helped his mother in household chores. But it would be good if this child behaved like a child, and did not start pointless arguments, trying to change the adults!

Yes, these two are too different from each other… Father thinks very emotionally, while Aquarius is logical and intelligent. Aquarius is ready for risk, but his daddy Cancer is very careful. Aquarius is happy about the changes, but this is what most frightens his father. In addition, Cancer is always worried about something, so that Aquarius, compared to him, looks careless.

From time to time, the father needs a breather to get his nerves in order, and Aquarius feels the need for rest only after he puts it all to the end. Aquarius shows generosity where Cancer is extremely stingy. In addition, this father is very old-fashioned compared to his advanced child. So - they will not find a common language?

The key to a good relationship still exists: it’s just that a father should not have too much control over his child. If Aquarius has freedom of action, he will notice all the good things that his father gives him - love, kindness, approval and support, a cozy home and unconditional devotion.

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