Aries Child — Cancer Parent

This is a combination of two completely different energies. The Aries-child radiates the love of life, which seems to Cancers-parents a very tiring quality. The energy of Cancer is changeable and corresponds to the inner essence of this sign of water. Cancer tends to hide in its shell, but appearing, is able to quickly conquer the world. When the ebb of energy begins, the Cancer parent needs time to calm down, but the demanding nature of Aries can bring it to the point of exhaustion. When the Cancer-parent again experiences a burst of energy, then he shares the enthusiasm and vivacity of Aries.

Cancer is an extremely sensitive sign. Aries, who grew up under the supervision of the Cancer parent, will remember the feelings of other people. He will appreciate the close connection with his home and family, which presents such a contrast with his desire for independence. Aries knows how important it is to have a reliable foundation from which to start in the world, otherwise in later life he will have to constantly move forward - because to return There will be nowhere.

Cancer Mother — Aries Child

Cancer mom seems to be pouring love on her little Aries from a full bucket! The trouble is that Aries sometimes it seems that he is about to drown in this stream. Child-Aries likes to be loved. But still he wants to feel free, do whatever he likes, be searching and resourceful. In a word, he must be the discoverer, after all, he is exactly what he is. And my mother wants him to calm down, take a break and generally sit next to her at home, responding to that emotional intimacy that she loves so much.

The wrath of Aries discourages and hurts vulnerable Cancer. If the mother is tired of the rampage of her child, she will simply allow him to behave as he pleases, and will not aggravate the situation by going into conflict. But if she feels hurt, he will answer for everything and be punished properly. I must say that both extremes lead to an even more noisy reaction from the capricious and wayward little Aries...

Cancer mother needs to learn how to perceive his child quickly and more often allow him to be himself. Yes, he prefers to act without thinking, although she plans everything in advance. Yes, he seems almost unfeeling, whereas she feels everything very deeply. Her child wants to dominate everyone, while showing self-confidence, which, as his mother feels, lacks herself. And he is always on the move, while she enjoys calmness and silence.

But none of the above does not apply to bad qualities, and when Mom-Cancer looks approvingly at his little quick adventurer, her energy is also overwhelmed. Simply she needs to learn to have fun, giving her child more opportunities, if, of course, her Aries will also try to become more caring, kind and devoted to please his mother. They need to treat each other correctly - and both of them will only benefit.

Cancer Father — Aries Child

Cancer is a very kind and caring father, but in his own soul there are also storms. And when his emotions spill out, he is able to take it out on the children, proving to everyone who is the master of the house. The father expects from all obedience, although he himself is able to spoil the family a trip outside the city, turning halfway back to the house. And Aries does not always know how to sympathize with others, reacting to someone’s bad mood, so that there may be conflicts, and the father sees that his child is indifferent to his difficulties. Aries may feel that his free and easy worldview is in danger, and little Aries does not want to...

Cancer is happy to give your child as much as possible and is willing to pay for all his new hobbies. But he would like at least occasionally to hear words of gratitude! Aries is too self-willed and independent to follow the prescribed rules of courtesy, and probably his father’s attempts to teach him good manners will cause more than one noisy scene.

And yet these two adore each other! Aries likes to do everything as a father, and he is determined to achieve the same results. And Cancer is delighted that his child does not suffer from laziness. They both know how to work when it’s needed, and both know they can rely on each other. And although Cancer will always love the house more, and Aries will tear forward to adventure, they can learn a lot from each other.

Cancer dad will help Aries to make plans for the future, showing concern and considering all possibilities. Aries child will make his father’s life more radiant and joyful and will do everything that his father secretly dreamed, but he could not get the heart to do it.

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