Cancer Child — Cancer Parent

It is unreasonable to assume that the two Cancers in one house coexist in perfect harmony. Of course, they understand each other and suffer quirks, but the trouble is that both of them are inclined to change the phases of the Moon, forcing the Cancer to rush from sea to land and back according to their internal clock. In other words, both have their own inner kaleidoscope of feelings, which is in constant motion and the patterns in which continuously change. These two kaleidoscopes are not synchronized. But do not give too much importance to this, because Cancer is endowed with inner respect, to other people’s feelings.

Because the two Cancers admit to each other a thrill of life, sentimentality, a frequent change of mood and emotional generosity. They are able to stretch the claws to each other and merge into a firm embrace, but at the same time they can injure each other with the same claws. Basically, they look at the world the same way, they recognize their belonging to the same sign of the zodiac. They are made from one test, but they prefer to build their own life.

Cancer Mother — Cancer Child

These two love their home more than anything else! Little Cancer will be happy to stomp around his mother while she does household chores, and as soon as she grows, she will want to help her. Well, Mom-Cancer is just happy. "Let it last longer," she thinks, comparing her child to less caring and caring children.

The Cancer child is delighted that his mother is so kind, warm and affectionate that she gives him all the love and support that he dreams about. But these two often cheer up, and when they yearn for both, they just do not have enough energy to comfort each other. The mother must be very careful to warn these gloomy periods in time, and also, forgetting about her own difficulties, to understand the sorrows of the little Cancer.

This mother worries too much, but her child hides her fears! It is not easy for a mother to raise enough self-confidence in a child, because he does not always feel safe, because both of them are always worried about something. Probably, they need someone else who could hold them in their hands and at the same time very reasonably looked at life.

When both mood drops, they can become very prickly. Then they take to heart mutual remarks, and then grimly retreat to heal the wounds. Of course, it is the mother who must bring order here! She should be allowed to rest more, so that she would have enough strength for motherly cares. Having received a new charge of energy, you can again return to the inherent love and care that her child needs so much... And he blooms from the mother’s protective care, loves the cozy house she created, rejoices at her victories and achievements. And completely trusts her.

Mom may need special efforts, because she will have to help her child become more independent when he grows up. It’s nice to stay with her mother longer, and she will be only happy about it and will try to push back the day when the grown-up child leaves the house. But someday it will happen, and it is so important to help him take the first steps into a great life, helping to gain self-confidence. Cancer mom should be encouraged to any interests of her child and be ready to come to the rescue in order to realize what will bring him happiness.

Cancer Father — Cancer Child

Careful Cancer father is pleased that his child is not noisy and not too self-confident, like many other children. He likes the thoughtfulness of his little Cancer, and he understands his desire to know what to be afraid of. He is determined to protect his child in every possible way and very vigorously intercede for him if, for example, the teacher turns out to be too strict, and the parents of the school friend are tactless.

Father likes the fact that his child loves the house, which he so diligently built! He is happy to do everything in order to provide Cancer, Jr. a good start in life, and devotes much time to expanding his horizons, his interests and education. He is happy that his child also has a feeling of nostalgia. Both of them like to go through old photographs, and both share a longing for the idealized past - the present, as it seems, never justifies expectations...

The father can calmly accept the shyness of Cancer and understands the swings of his mood. He knows that his child is as sensitive as he is. But what is the younger Cancer, if the older Cancer is sarcastic! And he easily becomes irritated and overly demanding, yielding to his emotions. And he will take it out on his family, expecting everyone to simply accept his bad mood.

The Moon-run baby Cancer will burst with tears and run to her room if her father screams at him. So the father must remember what a loving and caring person he is capable of, so why not try to regain his charm? But a sensitive child-Cancer is permanently immersed in a bad mood, and if the father does not caress him, showing that he is no longer angry, it can drag on.

This child will understand that the father needs and rest, though on the condition that he will not forget to find time to play and talk with him. With a lack of attention, a small Cancer can become very closed. But when they are both quiet and cozy in their hearts, they are delighted with each other. The father loves trips to the sea or walks by the river, and the baby Cancer, the child of the water element, will consider these days special!

My father also likes that his child is serious about money. And he is pleased that the little Cancer is grateful to his father for everything he has done for him. Older Cancer is important to know that he is valued as a caring and prudent parent, and his Cancer child does not doubt it.

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