Capricorn Child — Cancer Parent

Opposite qualities of Capricorn and Cancer at first glance hinder any peaceful relationship between them. Capricorn is independent, practical and reserved, and Cancer needs guardianship, it is emotional and vulnerable. However, they are both masters of digressions: Cancer is hidden in a shell, and Capricorn disappears behind the barrier that they erected. In addition, they are both timid and in need of self-confidence. Therefore, the Cancer parent perfectly understands what Capricorn’s hard-pressed lips mean - the fear of being rejected, the uncertainty and the desire to show self-control.

In fact, Cancer always provides support and care, and Capricorn soon gets warm in the rays of love of such a parent. From time to time, Capricorn can challenge Cancer with a challenge and demonstrate that it is completely independent. Capricorn will prove his abilities to himself and other people. Capricorn learns from mistakes, and therefore often rejects the good advice intended to save him from unnecessary suffering. According to Capricorn, suffering is the path to bliss.

Cancer Mother — Capricorn Child

Capricorn knows that his mother Cancer is capable of understanding him. This child is usually shy, and it is difficult for him to get close to anyone, but such fears recede before the caring affection of Cancer. Capricorn likes the soft humor of his mother and her housekeeping. In this atmosphere, he feels loved and calm.

The life of Cancer mother consists of her turbulent emotions, family worries and those responses she receives from others. All this is so full of her that she has to rest from time to time for restore her peace of mind. Capricorn looks at life from the perspective of his ambition, wishing to receive universal recognition. He wants to be appreciated for his achievements, while Cancer mom wants everyone to pay tribute to her caring.

She manages to maintain interest in Capricorn in serious pursuits at school, and she is able to give up much for her child to get a good education. Cancer mom is delighted with Capricorn’s ability to bring everything to the end. She is happy that he is not some talker, but a person of business, because Cancer believes that restraint is a very good quality.

Cancer teaches Capricorn to externally show affection for other people and share their feelings with them more. The warmth of Cancer helps Capricorn not only to feel more reliable, but also to be more frank, although the excess of love scares him. He needs a free space, he needs to be independent, and a sense of responsibility is only to his advantage. Mom-Cancer is also afraid to think about the day when her Capricorn leaves her parent’s nest! And although Capricorn loves his home, but because of ambition and ambitious aspirations, one can start an independent life quite early.

These two big homebodies, but do not forget that Capricorn should have the opportunity to learn the art of communication, so you need to more often introduce it to other people. A mother like Cancer is unlikely to stop Capricorn from developing naturally, and she also likes the cautious, thoughtful way of her child’s actions. Well, his common sense could envy many adults.

Cancer Father — Capricorn Child

A sensitive Cancer dad is much more emotional than a small Capricorn and often depends on his mood. A balanced Capricorn does not understand this. He with his restraint and even coldness prefers people who act logically and predictably. This behavior allows him to feel more secure. In addition, the father likes to command, and this is not the best option for an unbalanced character. In Capricorn, this can cause a stubborn stubbornness, especially if he believes that his father’s demands are in some way unfair.

But Cancer is such a caring and prudent father that for this alone you can forgive him a lot! He is ready to take his child to any classes or plays and help him prepare lessons. He will try to give him an excellent education in the best traditions (which is so good for Capricorn) and will support his confidence in every way, so that the child can use all his potential.

They are not one who rushes thoughtlessly forward, and each of them needs his own reserve of loneliness. They need time to start trusting others, and to friends themselves they choose those whom they can rely on. In his father’s house, where he respects the rules and values well-being, Capricorn feels calm and secure. And he will not risk this calmness, nor many others. Cancer likes it - he’s pretty careful.

This couple is unlikely to live in the future - they like to dive into memories more. But when it comes to choosing a profession, father Cancer will help Capricorn make the right decision. He will always support him with his caring love, providing his child with success and recognition.

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