Gemini Child — Cancer Parent

Cancer reveals that Gemini’s character lures him into the big world. Usually Cancer runs between secluded sea depths and the bright light of the land. He prefers to leave and return, be open or closed, as dictates his mood. But Gemini is a child of the big world, fascinated by everything that happens there. He jumps from one event to another, he does not need to immerse himself in the emotional waters that attract Cancer so much.

Except when the full birth horoscope shows that the twin child has several planets in the constellation of Cancer, or the Cancer parent, several planets are in the constellation of Gemini (which often happens with these solar signs located in the neighborhood), they are watching To life from completely different points of view.

Cancer is a sign associated with motherhood, people born under this sign pour out the need to educate, protect and care for. But excessive care will oppress the little Gemini, if only from time to time he will not be able to free himself and take a breath of fresh air.

Cancer Mother — Gemini Child

Careful Cancer mother tries to surround her Gemini with the most tender love, but she must make sure that it does not interfere with him. Cancers have such a strong sense of ownership that they are ready to live the life of their children. And the child-twin must know that he is free like a bird!

Cancer mom is afraid to let go of his child. She tries to protect him from everything that is possible, but he wants to try everything and learn about everything. She’s just sure that this will end in tears at best! And yet she does not need to worry so much. Her Gemini child is much more responsive and restless than she, he loves adventure so much! Mother should not suffer because she does not associate with the child a feeling of complete emotional intimacy, because for him all this is not so important, and he does not share her longing for strong family ties. Gemini is quite happy, if he is perceived as such, and give him freedom for entertainment.

Probably, Cancer mom will try to take control of Gemini’s life and try to keep him at home. Neither one nor the other is not a good idea. Gemini needs independence. He seeks new people and new situations. Cancer would not hurt to become much more talkative when Gemini is near, because he needs answers to all his endless questions.

Gemini likes the sense of reliability that he attains alongside his mother. Of course, he is very fond of changes, but does he have something against his mother’s delicious food or the usual comfort, especially when his mood is down? From the mother, Gemini can learn to look around before doing something, and patiently complete the work that has begun. And maybe he will understand that sometimes it is more useful to remain silent than to rush to speak out? And the mother learns from him that life, it turns out, is also given for pleasure, and not just for anxiety and vain expectation.

Cancer Father — Gemini Child

Cancer father likes his restless little Gemini, and he would like to possess his energy. He even envies his impetuosity, but he would not exchange his own steady well-being for the Gemini’s lifestyle. He would have made a big mistake if he had decided that his Gemini child should be like him - a homely, emotional, sensitive, paying tribute to traditions and family ties. A twin with its endless energy of Mercury is difficult to remain calm, to become attached to people and not to seek change. So it’s better if both learn to accept each other as they are.

The father does not always know how to cope with his mood, and sometimes he is overcome by emotions that are difficult to understand and explain. He may break or express his displeasure, which of course does not like Gemini. In addition, the father will try to establish strict rules for the child, which he will necessarily violate! But Gemini, with his charm, knows how to take his father out of his bad mood: the cunning Gemini will confuse his head with another incredible story - and all will end with a smile.

Gemini would like to play and talk with his father as much as possible, but he needs breathing space. Life seems to Cancer an eternal battle, and sometimes he wants to retreat and do not think about anything at all. A Gentile Gemini will not give him such an opportunity, so father should rest when he is busy, and plan ahead the time he will spend with his restless child.

Gemini knows that Daddy can always be persuaded that he, Gemini, needs to. True, he should be reminded that it would be nice to say "thank you" for this. In addition, he may well laugh at his father, considering it too old-fashioned. But when Gemini grows up, he will be convinced that his father always wished him only good. He will remember his advice full of common sense, and know that his father will always support him if the next plans fail. Is not this happiness?

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