Leo Child — Cancer Parent

A Leo can learn a lot from restrained Cancer. Let the Lion shake his magnificent mane and let out a ferocious growl - in his heart he is still afraid of Cancer. Cancer with such art avoids confrontation that it amazes the Lion! The lion will be caught unawares and lose his balance if Cancer approaches him unexpectedly. In fact, Cancer will try to turn Leo into a domestic cat only if he feels that the king of animals went beyond the permissible. As a parent, Cancer knows that he must tame the Lion, to help him develop the best aspects in himself.

Cancer can give all the power to their offspring, and the little Leo bathes in the rays of parental attention. Despite the fact that Cancer is a sign of water, and Leo is a sign of fire, that is, representatives of opposing elements, a strong attachment is established between them, helping to destroy any other obstacles that exist between them. Basically, the differences between these signs are due to the fact that they are controlled by two lords of our solar system - the Sun and the Moon.

In this case, the night (the Moon) meets with the day (the Sun). The Cancer controlled by the Moon is more prone to mood changes, gloomy and sullen than the Lion, which is fed by the bright light and warmth of the Sun. Restraint of Cancer convinces Leo that he will always occupy the right place in the center of the parents’ universe. A Leo-child radiates positive energy, which raises the lunar energy of the Cancer-parent at least an octave.

Cancer Mother — Leo Child

Loving Cancer mother is so attached to her little Lion! This is so evident in everything that sometimes becomes superfluous. Still, Leo is a child of fire. He loves his independence and needs a free space. He will be happy hardly, feeling over himself an excessive custody. He needs bright impressions, brilliant ideas, society and entertainment, and he does not cause a kind of worried mother of great sympathy.

The Lion is most often clever, rather quick-witted, a little boastful, and he is unlikely to draw to that comfortable and cozy spiritual intimacy that the mother-cancer hopes to establish with her children. He would prefer that she inspire him to new feats, and despair if she would keep him even from the best motives. These two must understand that only compromise solutions can arrange both.

Cancer mom should take care that her child must receive his daily dose of impressions. It is also suitable for classes in the group, and sports ground, and trips outside the city on weekends, and rest on the seashore or a trip along the river, which is so suitable for the water-loving Cancers! Once the mother finds something that gives her pleasure, she will give her enthusiasm to the receptive Leo and they will have a great time together.

Cancer mom is a very domestic creature, and sometimes her whole life is her family and her cozy nest. Leo also loves their house with his comfort and wonderful mother’s kitchen. He will always be happy to return here and after that fateful (for the mother) day, when he begins an independent life outside the family.

Leo believes that his mother worries too much, too much for what she has, for example, for her well-being. And then, she is so worried about what other people might think about her! She is too different from her offspring, who does not doubt that everyone is happy to support him. But the mother should not deprive him of self-confidence. It’s best if you, Mom, praise him, noting his brilliance and courage.

If Mom-Cancer always lets his child-Leo understand that he is really capable of being the first, he will be. And she should be delighted when he gives her attention signs, even if his gift is just a flower of a daisy… But what mother does not take care of her little Leo’s attention? And he will be satisfied with himself: after all, this he is able to make my mother happy...

Cancer Father — Leo Child

Cancer struggles to be a good father. He is ready to make sacrifices in order to ensure that his child-lion gets everything only the best, and the Lion, who appreciates the quality, is happy with it. The father is ready to help his child and even take him to the school and a football match, so that he can do it all. But the poor daddy does not have the energy of Leo, so in the end he will just fizzle out. And when the father gets tired, he becomes irritable.

In fact, the man Cancer is a very emotional person, but prefers to hide it. He suppresses his emotions, because he is unable to cope with them, but they again come out in the form of a bad mood and angry remarks. He believes that everyone should take it as they are, and at the same time pretend to be a ruler.

A proud Leo can be critical of all these moods of his father and is able to express it in his face. Between them, there may be clashes, especially if the Leo declares his own rights, and someday it will happen. And probably, father Cancer will not be able to stop him, unless he finds some special way to get his Leo’s respect.

Cancer belongs to the people of the traditional warehouse, who like everything that has passed the test of time. Hardly he will be interested in Leo’s interest in everything new or will be excited by the brilliant ideas of his child. Cancer wants the Leo to adhere to the generally accepted rules, that is, "like everyone else", but the Lion does not recognize the standards and is ready to shock everyone with the manner of dressing, the choice of friends and other means of self-expression.

Leo - a creative nature, because in fact, he is a little adventurer, and although the comfort of home gives him pleasure, he will never become tame. And the father will have to admit that Leo has a much greater taste for life than he does. He should not interfere with the manifestations of youthful cheerfulness, because Leo will not forgive him, although, of course, it is much less difficult for Leo, who lost his pedestal...

The lion is not one of those who are afraid of risk. Well, nervous trembling and excitement seem to him something like an acute seasoning for life. He just can not understand why his father does not enjoy it. If Cancer is honest enough, he will be able to admire the confidence and courage of his child, not trying to debunk it. In response, Leo, with his generous and noble heart, will give his father the opportunity to feel that he has received significantly more than what Cancer willingly put in his child.

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