Libra Child — Cancer Parent

Libra like to please, and Cancer - to satisfy other people’s needs. Therefore, it is clear that Libra and Cancer will be so absorbed in the implementation of the basic aspirations of their signs that they can miss each other! It is important that the parent Cancer will make the child the object of attention.

In the society of the Cancer parent, little Libra may have a feeling that he is being blamed for full responsibility, and this is what disturbs Libra. Of course, Cancer only fulfills its role, forgets about its needs, to adjust to the child. But it seems Libra unceremonious intrusion into his life, he is afraid to drown in the stream of attention - he needs fresh air.

Cancer Mother — Libra Child

A loving Cancer mom creates an atmosphere of well-being for her baby. But it is so important not to spoil the child! This mother easily passes by the bad deeds of Libra, believing that it is not necessary to make the child suggestion about discipline. Well, Libra needs a firm leadership to learn self-confidence and enterprise or get rid of laziness.

This child can lose his temper if there is something wrong, but at the same time blame others, and it is rather difficult for Cancer mom to resist him. This mother is much more emotional than her child, who simply does not understand why a mother takes his dissatisfaction to heart, for she herself often grumbles, especially when she is tired. Libra will try to use its charm to return the mother a good mood, and often successfully!

The mother creates an environment that would provide her child with a sense of security and peace, but she has such a sense of ownership that she can begin to lead his whole life. Libra needs to find its own way and learn how to make independent decisions. It’s bad for him if he always depends on his mother in everything. She should let him be himself.

Libra has a need for communication - this child likes to be among people so much! Cancer mother is rather shy and would rather stay at home more often. But she must make sure that her child does not feel deprived. Probably, she also needs to visit with him among the children - at least in order to communicate with their mothers.

Caring Cancer mother dreams of emotional intimacy with her child, but with Libra it does not always work. The mother should not worry if he seems a little cold at times. This does not mean that he does not love her! She should allow him to behave as he sees fit, albeit under her supervision. He must be self-confident and sociable, so give him that opportunity! The result is a happy child and a proud mother.

Cancer Father — Libra Child

Cancer dad is much more sensitive and emotional than his logically conceiving child-Libra. The father tries in every possible way to hide this, taking a strict look, and even begins to speak in an imperative tone, trying to seem tough. And I must say that rigidity, if it is fair, does not bring Libra harm. This helps Libra to assert itself by manifesting her character. The child must learn to make decisions, trying to be more grasping and less lazy, although it looks so charming!

This father must be fair and consistent. He can for a long time ignore the bad behavior of the little Libra - when he is calm or simply not ready to cope with the situation that has arisen. But it can suddenly explode, especially if something is annoyed. The child does not want to upset his father, and he will try to do what he hopes should be a pleasure. And he will be confused and puzzled, seeing his different reactions to the same thing.

The child-Libra is usually carefree, full of optimism and shows interest in everything new, while his father-Cancer is a person who is disturbing, often pessimistic, and he likes what has already been tried and understood. He is not as frivolous and charming as his child, and it is definitely harder for him to establish relationships with people and make friends. Have a nice and smiling child, Libra, it’s much better!

From time to time father should be alone. He is very tired and exhausted, because he absorbs the emotions of other people, and is too busy with his own feelings. The child understands his need for rest. He himself is losing a lot of energy, trying to weigh everything, before he makes any decision. He, too, needs periods of rest for restoration, although this seems to somebody ordinary laziness.

The child-Libra knows well that he can rely on his father and always count on his love, no matter how unpredictable he behaves himself. And Libra only benefits the goodness of Cancer. This child needs a wide range of interests so that moments of lazy relaxation can not become a habit for him, and Cancer will be happy to participate in all his hobbies. And together they can enjoy a wonderful relationship.

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