Pisces Child — Cancer Parent

When communicating with the parent Cancer, the Pisces find themselves in the native element and experience a strong sense of kinship. Cancer is familiar with emotional tides. He understands that the ability to live feelings is a gift, a potential source of sympathy from others, but such a gift is risky to swim in the sea too far.

Since Cancer is well aware of its vulnerability, it creates around itself a protective shell that can confuse opponents and hide from life storms. Pisces does not have such protection, however they perfectly swim and are able to escape the chase. In addition, Pisces has some chameleon features that allow them to adapt to circumstances and avoid attacks. Therefore, when the Cancer parent hides in the sink, experiencing embarrassment, Pisces resorts to the help of their tried and tested focus, forcing others to believe that Pisces is one of them.

Cancer Mother — Pisces Child

In a cozy house of Mom-Cancer, a small fish bathes in love and care. Cancer understands its sensitive child and will not force it to communicate, if he is not ready for it. This mother knows that Pisces is very shy, and it will take time to overcome this.

These two are very close, and they will most likely have a strong relationship. Both refer to the signs of water, and both are filled with feelings, emotions, grievances and anxieties. The mother always feels when her child is in a bad mood, and the sensitive Fish will try to somehow please Cancer mom, if she has problems. But this too close connection has its own negative sides, because the mother gets used to protecting the child from any troubles. But once he himself will have to answer for himself!

It is good, if the mother has a circle of her own interests, otherwise she will live only in the interests of her child, which is bad for both of them. Fish should have a certain freedom to become a person with their own needs and the ability to declare it.

Between these two signs of water there is a strong emotional connection, which will persist in difficult for both years, when the Pisces from the child will turn into a teenager and enter into maturity. True, Cancer mother will have to suffer and not climb into the soul of his child, if he does not want. But if in this serious adult life, Pisces will have problems, you can always rely on Cancer mom!

Cancer Father — Pisces Child

Careful Cancer daddy will try to extract all the creative capabilities of your child. He is happy if the little Fish wants to paint, and will buy her a musical instrument as soon as she asks for it. He will take her to the pool - they both love water very much. He generally will support all her interests, but let him see to it that Fish does not abuse his kind character! Fish like it when surrounded by care and attention, but it must learn to count on itself.

Unfortunately, both are so emotional that they can not do without collisions. Both can not stand when they are under pressure, and Papa-Cancer is able to turn into a strict father, wishing to establish their authority. And if he still starts screaming, poor Fish generally loses all self-confidence.

It should often be praised - it will only support it. The father should help her make decisions and talk about her desires. Cancer itself is shy, and for him it is not easy, but he must overcome this test to teach the fish to stand up for themselves. Cancer father should avoid endless quarrels around whether Fish has cleaned her room or not. Most of all, she will not do it, but it is better to remind her of this without raising her voice.

The father will be happy to be convinced that, as he grows up, his Pisces becomes charming, caring, soft, without losing his imagination. And he will give his child everything he needs, even when he becomes completely independent, because Father Cancer is a warm paternal home, support and understanding.

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