Sagittarius Child — Cancer Parent

Parents-Cancers prefer to pamper children, protecting them from any possible ills. But Sagittarius is a tomboy who adores risk. He will not hold back to check whether he will be able to jump over the wall, climb over the gate or cross the puddle - all these activities enthrall him, and life without hobbies Sagittarius considers unbearably boring. Of course, sometimes he is sad, but even after listening to a million reminders: "We told you!" - will not regret that he took the chance.

Sensitive Cancer is difficult to understand that his little Sagittarius is not overcome by fears or doubts. Sagittarius is confident that in any case, his trick will end safely, and next to Cancer he has a supportive guardian angel - perhaps that’s why Sagittarius is so lucky. Of course, Sagittarius leaves without trembling a native nest - first disappearing from friends, then going on a hike, and it will be a very short time before he gets used to such a pleasant pastime. That’s enough to stun Cancer. Remembering his own childhood and the time that he needed to muster the courage, collect things and move away at least a step from his parents, Cancer admires the restless Sagittarius.

Cancer Mother — Sagittarius Child

Shy Cancer mother loves home comfort, but her little Sagittarius is not enough. He wants entertainment, communication and interesting impressions. Of course, Cancer is a beautiful and loving mother. Her intuition tells her that her child needs support, and she knows how to bring back his smile with tenderness and participation. True, it will not be easy for her to accept the fact that she does not have a special emotional affinity with Sagittarius. Besides, sometimes he is so tactless!

Of course, his rude remarks are the reverse side of his honesty, but Cancer mom still offends him. Perhaps, she will take to heart and his mockery over her conservatism. For Sagittarius there are no conventions, and he is much more concerned about the future, and not the past with all of its external realities. And he will behave as he sees fit! Although, probably, it has more insatiability than mischief...

This mother has a sense of ownership. Well, Sagittarius likes to feel free and will resist any attempts to control him. Mothers will have to accept the fact that Sagittarius sometimes likes to take risks, and there is a strong desire for adventure. One should not hope that he will always be with his mother. This is a child with a heightened sense of independence, so that Cancer mother should prepare for the fact that her child-Sagittarius will soon fly out of her native nest.

Mother hopes that the restless little Sagittarius will be just as neat as she is. Alas, this is unlikely! She believes that he should look elegant, but he prefers his usual comfortable clothes. He wants to just enjoy life, and she pestered him with some comments, although she has the best intentions... The Sagittarius never knows how his mother will react to one or another of his actions. She simply does not see anything, she takes everything too close to her heart, raising a storm - and it’s just that her emotions burst out.

Mom is surprised by those mature remarks that her child sometimes makes. She believes that children are children, and let them remain so. She does not want her little Sagittarius to grow up too quickly. She likes a lot in it: both kindness and ability to easily adapt to new conditions, and a desire to help others. Even his rebellious spirit and optimism! She knows that she never had either his unrestrained desire for adventure, nor his such bright hopes for the future. But sometimes she wants so much to learn it!

Cancer Father — Sagittarius Child

No matter how much the Cancer loved his little Sagittarius, he believes that this child could be much calmer. How can you keep track of him, if he starts something all the time and has an unpredictable mood? Sagittarius also believes that this father has an "uncomfortable" character, because he does not like people around him to spoil his mood with his emotions. He wants to feel free: let nothing prevents him from playing, running and having fun! Cancer is unlikely to be such a gay father, as he would like to see Sagittarius, although he will certainly try to give his child everything he can.

Cancer, unlike Sagittarius, does not really trust people, and although he manages to teach a child not to be too outspoken with strangers, he must see to it that he does not extinguish Sagittarius’s natural sociability. True, this will be compensated by the fact that the father will try to drive his offspring on all sorts of excursions and meetings, in every way widening the range of his interests. So the child will start where to start his research in life. True, simple-minded Sagittarius can sometimes take the diligence and generosity of his father as a matter of course...

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