Scorpio Child — Cancer Parent

In emotional terms, this is a wonderful combination. Cancer has such sensitivity and softness that he instinctively realizes the vulnerability of Scorpio and its strength. Scorpio is important to trust others, and Cancer convinces the child that he will always be with him, causing a sense of confidence. Because they are both signs of water, they understand each other emotionally and live in harmony.

From Scorpio’s point of view, one of the virtues of Cancer’s parent is that next to him, Scorpio can be himself. Too often Scorpio has to suppress his emotions out of fear of ridicule or attack, but Cancer does not make him pretend and even encourages in the manifestation of feelings. Thus, Cancer makes an invaluable gift to Scorpio: he grows up, showing his emotional nature, able to give and take care, passion and love, which belong to him by birthright.

Cancer Mother — Scorpio Child

Loving Cancer mother carefully protects her baby from all the complexities of life, so that a small emotional Scorpio feels completely safe. Cancer is one of the few signs to which Scorpio quickly begins to experience trust. Cancer mother, of course, is more generous in love than most other mothers, and Scorpio can not help but respond to her caring.

She can connect to the thoughts of her child-Scorpio. But he loves privacy, he is afraid to think that his mother will learn his secrets... True, he is glad that she feels when he is ill and he can always cry on her shoulder... But incidentally, Cancer mom, Like no other, knows how to put Scorpio to himself, that he will open his feelings to her!

But this mother should remember that you can not deprive the child of the right to be yourself. Cancer mom has a tendency to live the life of her children, but Scorpio is unlikely to let her do this: he is sure that he must find himself, and can do without mother’s rather unceremonious interference in his fate.

Cancer mom is delighted with Scorpio’s resolve, from his ability to achieve his goal. The nature of the mother is much softer, she lacks the determination of Scorpio, and she herself will need help when she has something to suggest to her child - for example, in choosing a profession. She can question many of her children’s dreams and plans, but she needs to understand that Scorpio will be able to get to the very tops - if only because of her determination.

Scorpio can easily find their way in life if Mom-Cancer is more accommodating. But she will have to learn and rigor, otherwise she will then suffer from his spoiled. Sometimes a mother can break down, reaching hysterics, especially if there are reasons for this, but then she should follow Scorpio’s mood. His experiences are very deep, and he does not forgive offenses. Cancer mother prefers traditional education, which best suits Scorpio, and with it he will feel really loved. These two understand each other well, but what could be better?

Cancer Father — Scorpio Child

Emotional Cancer dad sometimes seems cold, but only externally - like his child-Scorpio. Inside each of these simmering emotions! And if the mother-Cancer often resigns with her feelings, the father-Cancer, like Scorpio himself, tries in every possible way to suppress them.

Scorpio can wear a mask of cold concentration for a long time, but in the end his feelings break out, and father’s reaction to this outbreak is always unpredictable. And he needs to understand that strictness and consistency are needed here. It is discipline that will help Scorpio to feel secure and safe, not allowing him to become too domineering. Scorpio should not doubt the father’s abilities, otherwise he will quickly learn from him rope twist! A sharp situation can be ironed out, and quite simply - for example, go together on an excursion. These two refer to water signs, and they will enjoy a trip to the beach or a walk along the river.

Both Scorpio and Cancer are very careful with money. They do not like special changes and prefer a traditional way of life and a traditional education. As for the mood, both are prone to pessimism and concern, but they will be able to comfort each other: the father will support the child with his care, and Scorpio will try to distract his father with entertaining stories.

Cancer dad often confuses rather mature questions of his child, but he will certainly try to answer them. He likes it when a child behaves like a child, and he will not ask for a little Scorpio to grow up faster. Rather, Scorpio will demand it from himself! Well, his father will always support him, even if he sometimes thinks that his child is too developed rivalry. He will try to teach Scorpio care and attention to others, and the child will always feel parental love, without which he does not imagine well-being.

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