Virgo Child — Cancer Parent

Cancer understands the Virgo’s timidity. Cancer often dives into the shell when it anticipates a danger or feels insecure. Consequently, he sympathizes with the whole heart of the modest and timid Virgo. Both Cancer and Virgo are kind, but under their reserved manners there is a striking performance.

Unlike the signs of fire and air, which spend a lot of energy, ranting about what they are going to do and how fantastic the fruits of their labor will be, the signs of water and earth, such as Virgo and Cancer, just take over and bring it to the end. They do not need to gather a large audience. Parent-Cancer will encourage the Virgo to keep quiet and be a judge. Unfortunately, Virgo is self-critical - she is never satisfied with what has been achieved.

Cancer Mother — Virgo Child

Virgo, feels very comfortable under the wing of the Cancer mom, who has all the qualities of a true mother, who can only imagine. Virgo needs her diligence, because this child needs so much praise and comfort, especially when Virgo’s self-criticism begins to interfere with herself. Mama-Cancer is able to make her feel that she is fondly loved, that she is appreciated and cared for.

But this mother can be so anxious about her child that her anxiety will go to the little Virgo. In addition, she has a too developed sense of ownership, and she will not encourage Virgo independence. True, her Virgo is not one of those children who are in a hurry to grow up, besides she is a homemaker, so she is quite happy with her mother, although she would not be disturbed sometimes by a small push from outside.

Cancer wants her children to receive a good versatile education and only welcomes all extracurricular activities that the Virgo loads herself. And they will spend free time together. Unlike most other signs, the Virgo manages to talk the mother, and this further brings them closer.

Cancer mom wants Virgo to use her imagination and intuition more fully, and this helps the child develop literary abilities. Actually, they help each other to show their best qualities, although sometimes they argue. The Virgo usually takes the top here, because it is faster in words - especially on sharp...

Both of them like to do something for others. Virgo prefers to be useful to a common cause or group, whereas Cancer often helps someone alone. Cancer mom must remember that her child-Virgo also needs to communicate with other people. If equilibrium is found in this, the Deva will want even greater intimacy with her mother, but is this not what Cancer dreams of?

She is happy when her child confides her to her worries, secrets and of course joy… And she is happy that Virgo helps her around the house, that she appreciates the comfort and comfort that the mother managed to create. Probably, Virgo also will not want to leave the nest to begin an independent life. But if this happens, she will do it with a great tact, so that her mother, Cancer, who is so scared to let her child go, was not too worried.

Cancer Father — Virgo Child

These two are so keen on any business, whether planting trees in the garden or building a boat that they can forget about breakfast until the mother reminds them that it’s time to eat. Sometimes they are too absorbed in work, and it’s good if someone prompts them in time that there is still rest and entertainment in life. Constant work, in which there is no game, makes Cancer and the Virgo a bit boring, even if they themselves get a kind of pleasure from it.

Cancer dad earns money diligently, because he wants his children to get everything they need - from the opportunity to swim in the pool to a cozy home. And this is especially important for the Virgo, because she needs well-being more than others.

Both like to remember the past - they can hardly be called very modern. This couple is able to disassemble the box for hours with the children’s photos of his father. Both are happy to sit at home, although Cancer will see to it that his child is quite outdoors. Probably, he will arrange regular trips to the sea, because he loves water so much!

Too sensitive Cancer can become stingy when tired, and Virgo always hurts: she is too serious about any remarks. But the father is also hurt, if the Virgo begins to criticize him, although with the father she will not be as sharp as with most other people. It’s good that the father understands that behind this there is a desire for perfection, and even comforts her, seeing how self-exacting she is to herself.

Often Cancer is a deeper person, but Virgo, with her more lively outlook on life, can switch her father’s attention from his own problems to everyone around him. True, he is not very talkative, and his inexplicably bad mood often puzzles rational Virgo.

Father Cancer can help your child learn the emotional side of life, while Virgo helps Cancer better deal with those issues that one way or another have to deal with everyone. Well, most of all, the Virgo is pleased to realize that her father, Cancer, really cares about her. And she thinks that she does not need more.

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