Capricorn Parents

Discipline and strict order are an integral part of the life of Capricorns. Parents tend to adopt old, well-tried methods in raising children. They do not want to get carried away by modern innovations that abound in children’s freedom and disobedience. In their family, a law of respect and obedience to the elders is established.

In practice, such methods justify themselves. Although the family is often collected by the whole staff, children still do not have the warmth and cordiality of their parents due to strict discipline. And the popes and mothers do not even try to unravel the secrets of the children’s soul and comprehend their experiences. With age, Capricorns become kinder and more tolerant. When they have grandchildren, they can pay attention to them, allowing pranks and fun.

Capricorn Mother

A mother becomes a much better parent than a father. She keeps her eyes on the children, constantly checking what they are doing. In the school period, such a woman is not happy with the progress of her offspring, so she constantly raises the bar for them. Her ambition does not allow you to stop on the reached, believing that you need to "outdo" everyone, so sometimes children are not able to fulfill their maternal requirements.

Capricorn mother prone too seriously, to treat their maternal duties. She concentrates so much on the process of caring for a child that she ceases to even smile and does not notice at times when the child is smiling at her. Strong self-control and experience for the health, life of the child, restrains the feelings and emotions of the mother. She is not able to show enough tenderness and affection, which is so necessary for young children.

The love of Capricorn mom expresses itself in the inoculated respect towards all elders, good manners and obedience. Embrace, praise and kisses are considered superfluous and rather insignificant signs of showing their love. For her children, she does not regret anything and wants them to have better quality. A mother can act as a conservative, then as a liberal, but following a reasonable compromise. Logic and sanity never fail her.

When the child grows up, the realism and sound judgment of the mother of Capricorn helps him in the development of intelligence and abilities. But the coldness in the relationship prevents the establishment of confidential close relationships between the mother and the child. Over the years, a wall of misunderstanding and alienation has been created between them.

Capricorn Father

The father is also strict and demanding. He does not discount the age of his offspring, assessing their actions by adult measures. He behaves rather rudely towards children and is completely devoid of sympathy, and considers discipline to be the main life priority. Father does not understand the need for rest and entertainment, pleasure and gatherings with friends, considering it the wrong use of time and the weakness of the flesh.

In the role of the father, Capricorns serve their child as an example of principle, upholding the system of human values, diligence, foresight, practicality, the ability to give up much in the name of achieving the goals set. They value family traditions and teach their child this. Capricorns tend to concentrate on a certain idea, to add details to the overall picture. It is difficult for them to implement the reverse process - to divide a single complex whole into many simple and small parts.

When the child is small, and the father is still young, Father Capricorn is able to show tender feelings for his child. But the older the father becomes Capricorn, the more restrained his feelings are displayed. Therefore, the father of Capricorn prefers to replace the child with a personal example. Such a parent is capable of growing in his child’s soul a constant fear. If he does not manage to cope with his rigor and rigidity, he will never in life receive the reward that every parent dreams: the love of children.

It seems to him that the child should not talk about serious things at a young age, and when he grows up, he will be able to learn by taking an example from his father. But not all children are able to put together many concepts in a single whole, they need the help of elders. And if the father does not come to their aid, they perceive this as indifference to their problems on his part. Therefore, over time, they can lose respect and love to Capricorn Father.

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