Aquarius Child — Capricorn Parent

In traditional astrology, both Aquarius and Capricorn are controlled by the planet Saturn, and some Aquarius exhibit the land properties inherent in Saturn rather than the vibration of high tension inherent in their new patron, Uranus. In fact, through communication with the parent-Capricorn, Aquarius learns other facets of his own nature. Despite the fact that Aquarius still retains vitality and sharp thinking, it absorbs the need for Capricorn in confidence and order and muffles the excessively bright light in order not to violate the rules.

The task for the Aquarian child, imbued with the principles of the Capricorn parent, is to find a way in life that will shed new light on what was previously hidden by darkness. He has to put up with the old and the new, and show originality, without violating traditions. Parent-Capricorn communication with the child-Aquarius will make a new-look at life. Aquarius changes the situation so that others have to re-evaluate their ideals. He continually asks "why?", Forcing Capricorn to analyze himself and his views.

Capricorn Mother — Aquarius Child

This mother is a little dry and, perhaps, too strict. But she does everything to have a good house, and her child has a promising future. Well, where can she get more time for entertainment? She creates her own world, which she manages with all responsibility, and her Aquarius child loves to get acquainted with different people and best of all feels in a group of people close to him in spirit.

Capricorn is by nature a victim of tradition, while Aquarius looks to the future. Capricorn may seem strange... This mother works for herself and her family, and she is worried about the practical issues of life. She will have to be careful not to suppress the natural idealism of Aquarius and not to extinguish his imagination!

Since Aquarius spends too much time on some obscure passions, the mother is tempted to more strictly control his life. But the Capricorn mom must overcome herself and give the child more freedom to find her own way in life, even if it adds to her worries or makes him think that he could approach it more intelligently. It is much more important that she supports him with all her heart, showing interest in his studies. Then he will gladly accept from his Capricorn mother concrete assistance based on practical knowledge and common sense.

Capricorn Father — Aquarius Child

They listen to each other with calm interest, although Capricorn does not share Aquarius’s belief that the world can be changed for the better. At times, the child’s imagination may seem to him nothing more than a utopia. Capricorn himself is not trying to save the world - he is busy with his own life, his family and work. He tries to organize everything in the most reasonable way. He is interested in material well-being and the position he can achieve, and therefore the Capricorn daddy confuses his child’s obsession with all sorts of ideas and his indifference to money and things.

Although Aquarius seems independent, it is useful for him to know that it is the father who ensures the stability and well-being of their family. And if Capricorn dad shows some patience, the child will reach out to him. In addition, they can stop at where they do not have disagreements: books, for example, entice both.

But this father is too fond of discipline and, perhaps, will begin to impose his life style on an independent Aquarius who does not tolerate any rules. And although Aquarius will most often reject father’s advice, something most useful will nevertheless be postponed in his mind.

This pair is a combination of two completely different people! Aquarius freely disposes of money, that his father seems simply stupid. Capricorn himself will not spend too much, and his child is ready to call it stinginess. Dad-Capricorn often sees in a small Aquarius an irresponsible dreamer. But if he takes the time to listen attentively to these "crazy fantasies," he will find that among them there are excellent ideas that make sense!

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