Aries Child — Capricorn Parent

In the red corner of the ring we see a small Aries stamping his foot and bursting into battle, and in the blue corner - his Capricorn parent, repeating the rules and conditions of the battle. It’s no wonder that these two sometimes irritate each other - because one is too hot, and the other is too correct. Aries is associated with the word "yes", and Capricorn - with the word "no", so you can imagine what happens when their desires do not match.

Having entered the struggle, they lead it until they come to a dead end, discovering that no one will win a victory. Both are energetic and decisive in their own way, but when the key to success is perseverance, victory goes to Capricorn. Capricorn will not give in one iota.

Capricorn Mother — Aries Child

Capricorn mom wants to see his child at the very top of success and is ready to constantly press him, wishing that he will succeed in life. Aries, of course, is smart and capable, he will have enough energy for everything, for which he undertakes, but he does not like when he is dictated what to do, or forcibly want to make him happy. He reacts well only to what suits him, and rises noisily against everything that is imposed on him. But if Capricorn and Aries come to a common agreement, the child will benefit greatly from the solid support of the mother.

If Aries loses the guiding thread, Capricorn mom will quickly return it to the right path. But she will be angry if he squirts all his enthusiasm or gets carried away by something else. She wants him to stubbornly go to the goal, and she will be disappointed by his determination to go his own way.

Mom-Capricorn does not reconcile with the fact that Aries is difficult to control, and will try to achieve strict discipline from him. The established order or certain habits is vital to her, and it is difficult for her to understand the spontaneous actions of Aries and his desire for freedom.

She finds him stubborn and, perhaps, aggressive, at times ruthless and selfish, and will try in every possible way to change it. Aries will begin to resist, and this is just shocking her, because she does not know how to forget and forgive as easily as her child. Mother-Capricorn wants to see his Aries more caring and reasonable. She will teach him to stop in time, be less impatient and reckless and think through everything before making a decision. She will support in him an innate sense of enterprise, for example, to give him money for certain work around the house.

Aries’ love for risk and unrest is completely out of the spirit of his mother, because she has a completely different energy. And yet she must understand the need of her child to live at a different speed. And why should she not learn from her irrepressible child, how to turn life from a difficult duty into pleasure?

Capricorn Father — Aries Child

Although Capricorn may appear to his ardent little Aries to be too balanced and reasonable, he secretly would like to have the courage, energy and enthusiasm of Aries and have his taste for life. Of course, Aries likes that his father achieved a lot thanks to his hard work, especially if their family lives in abundance. But he can not understand why his father had to overcome so much to get it all, because Aries life always seems easy, and success is achievable.

Capricorn is building serious plans for the future and loves expensive things that demonstrate to everyone how he has succeeded in life. Aries likes it too, but it is less materialistic. They solve their problems in different ways. If Aries needs anything or nothing, Capricorn goes to his goal step by step.

Both of them are pretty tough and selfish, though Aries does it from ill-will, and from Capricorn - because of indecisiveness. But if necessary, both without any pity achieve their. Problems will begin to arise as Aries grows up, especially if both do not learn to compromise, and immediately. "Obedience, duty, tradition" is the motto of Capricorn, who will make Aries understands that he condemns him if he does not want to adhere to the ideals of his father.

Capricorn is very rational and thinks quite straightforward. And Aries, with his openness and freedom-loving, can not too much recognize the authority of the parent. Most likely, Papa Capricorn will respond to this with the requirements of a more stringent discipline, but it would be wiser to agree that his child has his own view of life.

Some Capricorn-fathers spend so much time at work, providing family well-being that misses the childhood of their offspring. And the fact that they rarely show their affection can lead to a growing sense of estrangement. This can be overcome, however, Capricorn will have to learn to think not only about work, sharing every day of life with his child, who knows how to enjoy many things.

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