Cancer Child — Capricorn Parent


The opposite signs of Cancer and Capricorn create both repulsive and attractive forces. Cancer and Capricorn symbolize the maternal and paternal beginnings of the zodiac. Water Cancer embodies all emotional reaction and desire to care, inherent in motherhood, and terrestrial Capricorn has the traditional qualities of the father - the desire to protect and hold back.

Capricorn believes that strength and perseverance are the most useful qualities that should be developed, and therefore he is interested in ensuring that the shell of a small Cancer is as waterproof as possible so that no one can get inside and offend Cancer. Unfortunately, if the shell is too tightly closed, baby Cancer is also not able to get out of it, and therefore forced to sit inside-in safety, but alone and misunderstanding. In order to truly reconcile oneself, Cancer must learn to recognize and exercise its sensitivity.

Capricorn Mother — Cancer Child

Restrained Capricorn-mom gives her child-Cancer the reliability that he lacks. In her house everything that corresponds to the generally accepted rules and family traditions is welcomed. Here it is supposed to dine every day at the same time, here everything is always in its place, and it’s not only the mother-Capricorn, but also her child-Cancer.

True, there will be less understanding on the emotional level. Capricorn tries in every possible way to conform to the image of a beautiful and loving mother, but still the level of her tenderness is not too high, no matter how strong the ties connecting her with the child: Capricorn is very difficult to show warmth.

Well, a small Cancer need emotional closeness. He is very dependent on his mother, so Capricorn will have to learn how to openly show his love, not thinking that it is perhaps too demonstrative. Cancer lacks self-confidence, it is gradually acquired, and there can not be no caresses and consolations. It’s better not to tease the Cancer child, because she takes everything to heart. And do not scold him if he does not succeed. Try to use incentives - and the more, the better. And comments can be replaced by a gentle humor, which will help overcome any difficulties.

Mom-Capricorn wants her child-Cancer to become in due course a respectable, respected member of society, just like herself. But it is so important to give Cancer an opportunity to develop a howl of dreaminess and intuition, creativity, artistic and musical data! And when the Capricorn mom sees the flourishing talents of her child, she will certainly be happy!

Cancer loves home and family, and Capricorn also thinks that home is the basis of life. Well, as for the family - it’s sacred! So here they understand each other. And Capricorn will be able to help Ruck find his way in life, just do not force him to go the road that he does not like.

Yes, management is necessary, but it must be very cautious when it comes to Cancer. He can not be rushed to become an adult, if he is not ready for this, and he must be given the opportunity to rest, recharging himself with energy. Well, if the mother takes into account that Cancer perceives life much more emotionally than herself, and does not expect from him what he is not capable of, they will both be happy.

Capricorn Father — Cancer Child

Hard-working Capricorn father is pleased with his little Cancer: in this child so much determination! If he likes something, he will achieve his goal. Capricorn well knows what ambition is, and believes that the child has clearly gone into it. But for a little Cancer, the Capricorn father with his cold self-control certainly gives an impression: perhaps he really knows how to get to the top! It’s just a shame that he does not understand the emotionality of his child. He just does not know how to feel so deeply and believes that a small Cancer loses a lot of time when emotions overwhelm him.

This father needs to learn to be warmer and less closed with his child. It is easy for him to dominate such a calm and sensitive person as his little Cancer, but he must understand that it is his responsibility to properly educate him, strengthen his self-confidence and help achieve what he is capable of. But it is this child that will help his father develop a sense of humor and teach with warmth to respond to feelings of relatives and friends.

Although Cancer is not against reasonable discipline and has a great respect for tradition, it will be grieved by rude shouting and confusing too much expectations. In addition, the father will have to admit that his child does not always choose the most direct path for himself. Capricorn wants his children to be extremely honest, while Cancer’s truth seems to be something more mobile.

A father is able to help his child gain self-confidence by entrusting him with a very important household work that he will readily do. Such hobbies as art or music, too, should get the support of the father, because it would help the child express their complex feelings both creatively and constructively.

But if a small Cancer does not have an opportunity for self-expression or he does not get the love he needs, he can become whimsical or feel very lonely, locked up in his own world. He even risks losing his "I" if Capricorn somehow crushes his emotional nature. In order for this child to learn to quickly restore physical and spiritual strength, it is very important that he believes in the power of his personality. The father should not constantly pull back and warn the little Cancer - he is already quite cautious, only it is necessary that the father believe in him.

Cancer knows that he is under the protection of his father, and he likes it. Well, Capricorn will be pleased to see once again how caring his child is. And he is even glad that his heir is not in a hurry to fly out of the nest. Probably next to his child-Cancer Capricorn will try to be more flexible and not so severe, because this child with his intuition and imagination can really learn a lot.

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