Capricorn Child — Capricorn Parent

By the time Capricorn becomes a parent, he is slightly relieved. In fact, in his youth, Capricorn is always more serious, alert and restrained, and then gradually gets rid of shyness and starts to keep more at ease. The appearance of the Capricorn child affects an old wound in the soul of Capricorn-parent, reminding him of his own childish shyness. Capricorn wishes to see his child more joyful, carefree and impetuous than he was himself.

You can bring Capricorn to water, but you can not force him to drink: no matter how the parent tries to rid the child of a sense of responsibility, it "will not succeed." Diligence, caution and prudence will serve him well in the future, but the child looks inappropriate. It remains only to remember that with age, Capricorn learns to behave more at ease: this is the fate of the signs that Saturn rules.

Capricorn Mother — Capricorn Child

Capricorn mom is rather cold, but clearly imagines how to help your child achieve the greatest success in his life. She is full of ambitions for Capricorn, Jr., who is only determined to win. Having such a mother, he can climb to the very top!

Although this mother is very concerned about her child, she may not seem to show it. Both of them are very reserved and not supporters of excessive manifestations of attention. And yet for Capricorn, the younger one is important to know that he is loved and understood, so the mother should often convince him of this. Without such support, the child simply does not gain the necessary self-confidence.

Mom-Capricorn can organize a house well and create an environment for his child, in which he would feel calm and secure. Life in this house is painted by the hour and minute, so little Capricorn always knows what he’s going to have, and he is quite happy with it. Probably there will not be many games or entertainments here, and although this child is not too tuned for fun, he would not be in the way.

The mother likes to keep everything under control, but so Capricorn Jr. only feels more confident - he knows that my mother will take care of everything. It is only necessary that she not command all too much. The Capricorn-child likes to be trusted, allowing to make his own decisions, and the mother should note his reasonable and responsible behavior and must praise him.

Both of them are fans of traditions and connoisseurs of the past. They are not very ready for change, although both are trying to improve their situation, always caring about the prestige. Mother will try to choose a suitable profession for her child and will support her offspring all his life. Well, he, looking back at his childhood, more than once with gratitude will remember what his intelligent, serious mother did for him.

Capricorn Father — Capricorn Child

Capricorn dad is a reliable person and always supports his family. He has a special sense of duty and is waiting to be respected for his business qualities. Father certainly looks closely at him. He shares his father’s principles and does not doubt that eldest Capricorn is very intelligent. He is very proud that he has such a prosperous father, and he likes all those things that he buys, because they immediately show that he is not in vain working!

The trouble is that it works too much, but because it rarely happens at home. Little Capricorn dreams that his father was there, this is what he lacks for his full well-being. Father should not forget that children need love and attention no less than in purely material support.

These two are quite conservative and respect the traditions, so it’s unlikely that Capricorn Jr. will rebel against something to the same degree as others do in their transition years. At times, the father can put too much pressure on his child, but the more he demands of him, the less he leaves opportunities for recreation and entertainment. But Capricorns are much more necessary than encouragement, so that they are not tormented by discontent with themselves, so they should find time for joint rest and without unnecessary pangs of conscience.

Of course, the father drives his offspring only because he wants him to achieve more in life than he himself managed to achieve. He is pleased with the very idea that the younger generation will enjoy the respect and material prosperity that their fathers only dream of. And his hopes can be realized by his ambitious Capricorn child.

Sometimes the eldest Capricorn is too harsh in regard to discipline, and in the case of the little Capricorn, this is superfluous. This child rarely behaves badly intentionally and is ready to reproach himself if he does something wrong! He is not at all against reasonable limitations, if they explain to him why they are, but any sharp remarks that he does not understand can permanently deprive him of his peace. It will help only caress and praise. Little Capricorn really needs support, and then he is capable of really big things.

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