Libra Child — Capricorn Parent

The Libra are made of a more supple test than Capricorn. Flexibility Libra in certain situations’ means that they easily adapt and can get along with anyone without creating a threat. On the other hand, Capricorn has clear ideas about what he will and will not do, and he has the perseverance to insist on his own. Capricorn does not need the approval of others, to which Libra desperately strives. If you compare these two signs with parts of the body, Capricorn will be a strong vertebral column, and Libra - a pair of flexible arms. Capricorn believes in strength of mind, self-control and hard work, while, Libra first of all tend to like people.

Libra and Capricorns are born to develop in themselves various qualities, like all signs. In fact, such parents rarely fails to come to terms with others - they just adapt. Especially in his childhood Libra is happy to follow the leader and dance to the tune of Capricorn. But over the years, Libra has a need to listen to other music - to maintain balance.

Capricorn Mother — Libra Child

Ambitious mom-Capricorn will not allow her child to live a carefree life. She will set it to success, not giving him any indulgence, because behind her calm exterior hide severity and great power. Well, how to wrestle, for example, from housework? This will not help the most charming smile! This mother expects from her child responsible and serious decisions. Just do not take them for it: Libra must learn to think for yourself.

Mom-Capricorn likes that little Libra is interested in art and music, because she herself, despite all its practicality, an indubitable, albeit hidden, propensity for creativity. And she is pleased that her Libra has a special talent for communicating with people. She herself is temperate and cold with others, well, and next to Libra everyone feels great! True, the mother will continually remind her sociable child that you can not be so gullible with hardly familiar people...

Secretly, the mother herself would sometimes like to have fun and cheerfulness of Libra. Of course, it is a bit dryish, and its extraordinary energy is directed mainly at work, so it can hardly be called a cheerful one. She worries that the child, she thinks, is lazy, she does not always understand that he needs to rest to recharge energy, and do not consider it an idleness.

This child needs confidence that he likes that he is loved, and therefore the mother must be gentle with him, so that he does not doubt her affection. Well, someday he will thank her for the fact that she taught him to be responsible and purposeful, because there is only one charm in life. He will learn both firmness and business acumen, because next to the Capricorn mom, you will not allow yourself to be stupid!

Capricorn Father — Libra Child

Resolute Capricorn always knows the right direction and gives Libra a lot of reasonable advice. He wants his child - Libra to become as successful as he is. Perhaps, disappointment awaits him, because children do not always follow in the footsteps of their parents. But success can be different! Moreover, with the example of the father, the child will be able to learn the concentration and discipline, although it may be far from the desire to get to the very top in his chosen case.

Libra likes a different view of the world, in which there is no rigid leadership. This little person is more pleasant to be with someone on an equal footing, than to command, showing ruthlessness, or make vital decisions. Of course, among those who were born under the sign of Libra, there are excellent leaders, enterprising and influential people, and the firm style of Capricorn’s education will definitely temper the character of such children.

Father-Capricorn seeks a high position in society and tries to acquire things that show how well he is. Libra, of course, like everything that decorates their house. But if the kid will constantly hear: "Back off, do not touch!" Or to see that the father spends money only on himself, he is unlikely to be happy. The child-Libra must be aware that he is loved, and he so needs the attention and gifts of his father...

He is much friendlier than his father, and certainly more open. True, the father at times thinks that his child is a bad character: neither that nor even with whims... And little Libra is hard to reconcile with the fact that his father’s stubbornness sometimes leads to family quarrels.

Of course, the child is proud of his father’s successes, but at times he would like to see him more unpredictable and less serious. Yes, this father is able to organize their life in the best way, but he must remember that Libra needs to feel the taste of freedom from time to time!

Capricorn often underestimates Libra, considering the child just a fun dreamer, building stupid plans. And he would like the father to be able to share with him the joy of dreams, because it’s so interesting! But, in spite of all their differences, they are very attached to each other and can get along wonderfully, if, of course, both want it.

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