Sagittarius Child — Capricorn Parent

Capricorn watches the violent throws of Sagittarius and is surprised at his careless handling of time and energy. Capricorn believes that he should engage in some useful and worthy business: squandering forces and time - a blatant crime. However, parent is pleased to see genuine fun on the child’s face. If Capricorn is tense, then Sagittarius is relaxed; Capricorn is correct, and Sagittarius is negligent.

Capricorn is sure: wanting to achieve something, we need to show perseverance and patience, and Sagittarius expects that everything will happen by itself. It’s amazing, but while Capricorn waits patiently under the tree, when apples ripen and fall, Sagittarius stretches the bow and knocks the selected fruit.

Capricorn Mother — Sagittarius Child

Mother Capricorn has so many ambitious plans for her children! Of course, she has the right to be proud of her clever and beloved little Sagittarius. True, what to do with the fact that he prefers to flutter through life, believing that this is quite fun, and does not want to follow the mother’s serious instructions? True, there is so much charm in her, and she is so pleased with the enthusiasm, honesty, energy and courage of her child, that Capricorn Mom is ready to forgive him a lot...

Both of them love music and art, as well as religion, although Sagittarius may have a different approach to everything - not as conservative as his mother. Both of them are able to work hard to achieve what they have outlined for themselves. True, Capricorn’s goals are defined more clearly, while Sagittarius distracts from something concrete too a keen interest in everything at once.

Success, duty and responsibility mean a lot to Capricorn, while Sagittarius puts first the joy of life itself. Sagittarius does not really care about being considered prosperous. This is his mother wants to have a respectable house, a good car and certainly a worthy position in society, and for Sagittarius all this is nothing more than a burden that interferes with the feeling of freedom.

Mom-Capricorn will try to make sure that Sagittarius is seriously engaged in school, followed all the relevant rules, dreamed of a successful career and used his potential as efficiently as possible. Sagittarius is more dependent on one’s own enthusiasm - it is important only to interest him in time and not complain, if from time to time he will be put aside. Well, too strict remarks can lead to the fact that he will give up everything - sometimes even to tease his mother.

Some Capricorns find it difficult to express their affection or create an atmosphere of intimacy with their children. Such a mother should spend more time with little Sagittarius so that he does not doubt her feelings: it will tell him that he is loved, rather than the most precious gift. With age, many Capricorns begin to love entertainment more, and such mothers often find a common language with their adult children (and with Sagittarius all the more!).

Capricorn mom likes the ability of little Sagittarius to ask adult questions, but she gets angry when he starts to brag. And although in games, and especially in sports, she can not keep up with him, she will definitely be next to him - at least so that his results are the best. Well, she needs only one reward: that one day her child would admit that he could not have achieved anything, had it not been for his mother.

Capricorn Father — Sagittarius Child

Little Sagittarius would like to become as successful as his Capricorn father. But if he reaches the top, then thanks to his brilliant mind, not hard work! Yes, these two have a different approach to life. Sagittarius is a little mischief, but behind a merry laugh you can discover the mind and the ability to reflect.

Capricorn is always serious, although as he grows older, he has more flippant features. The Sagittarius is always on the lookout, while Capricorn is cautious and ready to reprimand his offspring for being so recklessly bold. Sagittarius likes to talk, and enthusiastically takes up everything new. Capricorn, however, prefers the case, skimping on promises and sooner will choose what has already been checked by time.

Capricorns are interested in money, because it is an opportunity for comfortable living and material prosperity in the family. And he will express his love more with the help of gifts, although little Sagittarius is much more necessary to caress or friendly participation. Father-Capricorn is restrained and not too emotional, but when he wants to say something moralizing, he demands that his speech be heard to the end. Well, restless Sagittarius can disappear in the middle of the phrase, deciding that in the world there are more interesting activities!

Sagittarius likes to travel, while Capricorn is a well-known homebody. Father tries to make everything well organized and under his complete control, but Sagittarius likes to know that life is first of all new opportunities. Capricorn thinks that patience is a laudable character trait, but Sagittarius does not like and can not wait. The father believes that the path to prosperity and success lies through conformism, but that Sagittarius wants to be himself and simply spits on the need to agree with everyone!

But, despite all these differences, Sagittarius realizes that truth is largely on the side of his father. He is ready to agree that, following the advice of his father, he will do better, because the father simply wants him not to get involved in some adventure, because he has not thought it through. He himself would like to understand how to do the right thing, so why not listen to a father who, in all probability, knows this?

Well, Capricorn never admits that he secretly admires Sagittarius’s impudence, his optimism and vitality. And he is determined to help his child take the only sure start in life. Of course, Sagittarius is unlikely to appreciate it as a child, but he will often think of his father with gratitude when he becomes an adult.

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