Scorpio Child — Capricorn Parent

One of the greatest qualities of Capricorn is the ability to give confidence to others. In case of troubles, emotional problems or practical crises, Capricorn moves smoothly through the debris and finds a way to reassemble them into a single whole. Its reliability serves as a comfort to signs of water, such as Scorpio, and Capricorn can be presented to them as a life raft, confidently overcoming the emotional thresholds of life.

Capricorn admires the purpose of Scorpio - it reflects Capricorn’s own desire to ascend to the top and to achieve his own. In many respects, the Capricorn parent will consider Scorpio a reflection of himself - stubborn and determined. However, he should remember: Scorpio is able to hold on for a long time in himself feelings, especially if he believes that these feelings will not meet with approval. The emotions are unpleasant for Capricorn, he attaches great importance to restraint, so he can inspire Scorpio that it is necessary to remain unperturbed always - it is not easy for such a sensitive sign as Scorpio.

Capricorn Mother — Scorpio Child

Mom will help the child to direct his energy to what really will bring him luck. They can have excellent business relationships, well, they can not talk about friends! Scorpio feels best in a well-organized space and understands the wisdom of discipline. An ambitious mom teaches his determination and common sense, although her efforts are sometimes more like pressure.

Scorpio is even happy with such strong support from the family. Scorpio has that inner impulse that helps to succeed, but sometimes emotions lead to it, and then the mother’s support and her calm approval are simply necessary. By the way, do not forget to praise the child, if something works out well for him.

Mom-Capricorn may seem cold and too restrained, but a small Scorpio is also not a fan of showing his feelings. But it is outwardly-in fact, he needs much more love than you might think, and the mother must learn to be more nice to him. Both are not deprived of a sense of humor and like to play a trick on others, but none of them will like it if he becomes the object of the joke. Scorpio also remembers their grievances for a long time and may even think about revenge - no matter how much time it takes.

Scorpio respects the mother for her strength and even for demanding that order and discipline, because it means that next to her, he is safe. But he will rebel if his mother is too harsh. Scorpio is better to delicately explain all the rules of behavior - he does not tolerate the commands. In addition, Scorpio is independent enough and, having matured, will defend his right to freedom. And if each of these strong-willed people does not want to understand another, they are in for serious clashes.

Of course, Capricorn’s mom will try to have her child have the opportunity to realize herself, and will do everything to ensure that his range of interests is wide enough. She will see to it that he gets a good education in the best traditions. And always, despite possible quarrels. Scorpio will know that in the person of Capricorn he has not only a loving mother, but also a reliable defender, whom you can always rely on.

Capricorn Father — Scorpio Child

A prudent Capricorn dad may not have Scorpio’s energy and a special love for sports, but he has a strong spirit of rivalry, although he keeps quiet about it. Capricorn got used to believe that his place is at the very top, that is, exactly where, as Scorpio believes, should be him. And if Scorpio will treat your father with respect. Capricorn will provide his child with powerful support. Of course, what kind of father does not want his offspring to be successful? But the well-being of the child is also glory, which illuminates the father with reflected light, strengthening his position in the society.

Capricorn is very concerned about how he looks in society. He wants to be among those on whom this society holds, and worthy, efficient children with good manners should have a decent father! He is glad that Scorpio is so diligently engaged and that their ideas about education are the same: both of them believe that it is in the traditional way that one can come to well-being and respect.

Capricorn enjoys pampering advice, but is terribly angry if Scorpio starts to find out more details instead of accepting what his father said. But he is pleased that the child is thinking about everything that is going to be done - caution is peculiar to both of them.

This child has much more imagination than his father, and besides, he is endowed with tremendous intuition. It combines emotional depth, mystery and subtlety, whereas for Capricorn the world often exists in black and white colors: it’s right, well, it’s wrong... Both do not like change and agree that traditions are a good thing. But their goals are different, and if Capricorn wants to achieve material prosperity and respectability, Scorpio since childhood dreams of power and wants to lead others.

But little Scorpio needs love and affection! Although this is difficult for restrained Capricorn, it is vitally important for his child, otherwise the negative qualities of Scorpio’s nature may come to the forefront. Jealousy, vindictiveness, anger and pessimism - all these emotions overwhelm the little Scorpio, who does not feel loved. Do not spare him attention, tenderness and warmth - and you will find that you have a wonderful child…

Scorpio is really grateful to his father for a safe and reliable home, and he will always appreciate this. As for quarrels, they are inevitable with a Scorpio teenager, and when two volitional persons participate in them, it’s impressive... Of course, in the house of Capricorn there is rarely much noise and fun, but the more reliability and predictability there are, the more confident And the child-Scorpion feels calmer.

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