Taurus Child — Capricorn Parent

This combination can be called successful in all respects, and you will not be mistaken: both the child and the parents belong to the signs of the earth. In any case, from the moment of birth, the proud Capricorn knows that he produced a similar creature, not the sign of air that is hovering in the clouds, or the sign of fire that strives for excellence in everything. Capricorn gets confidence knowing that his offspring has the same properties - loyalty, responsibility and practicality - like his parent, and that his feet reliably stand on firm ground. This is the basis of mutual respect - the secret ingredient that gives the relationship a distinctiveness.

Neither the Capricorn parent nor the Taurus child are inclined to rash actions. They act as if they have plenty of time left, but it’s amazing that they do not lose a second. Both Taurus and Capricorn are constantly engaged in useful activities - for example, cleaning shoes while watching TV.

However, the significant difference between Taurus and Capricorn threatens to violate this peaceful scene. Capricorn is a sign that believes in self-discipline, even self-denial, while Taurus is excessively lenient towards himself. Give Taurus sweets, and he will not hold back, so as not to eat them all at once. This causes a grimace on Capricorn’s face, which remembers how he kept candies for a long time and used them as a special reward to himself for some good deed.

Capricorn Mother — Taurus Child

They have such similar views on life! Capricorn likes the complaisance of a small Taurus, who also seldom freaks out, just like the mother of Capricorn with her serious mindset. Both agree that there is nothing to create around yourself too much noise - it’s better to remain calmly in the background. But both know well what they want, and no one will be allowed to prevent them from achieving this.

Capricorn mom considers the natural slowness of a thorough Taurus, and the child is happy that his mother perceives him as he is. He does not like to be rushed, and Capricorn well understands that too much pressure can only deprive Taurus of self-confidence.

Yet the Capricorn mom lays very ambitious hopes for his child and therefore will not let him relax: if you want to find well-being in life, learn to work hard! Taurus agrees with this, as he knows: nothing falls from the sky, and luck even more so. For both their house is important, reliable, comfortable, and both are accustomed to believe that life is quite predictable, and unnecessary changes can be avoided. True, Capricorn welcomes some progress, but Taurus prefers that everything remains the same. He simply loves home comfort and familiar comfort, while for the Capricorn mother it is undoubtedly also an indicator of social status.

Mother really does everything to make her child well and calm. The only thing in which some omissions are possible are external manifestations of attachment. Taurus needs a lot of tenderness, affection and warm embraces, which would prove that he is loved and therefore happy, but Capricorn is a rather cold sign that is not located to open expressions of feelings, no matter how much love he feels. So Mom-Capricorn will have to think about this and become a little warmer, because her little Taurus can not do without the manifestations of love for him.

The Taurus child sometimes behaves very adult-just like his mother when she was still a girl. A mother can surprise everyone with a completely youthful approach to life, and therefore they have much in common. Mother is pleased with Taurus’s determination and his strong will, although this is what sometimes leads to clashes. Well, Taurus is happy that his mother understands him so well.

Capricorn Father — Taurus Child

Little Taurus looks up to his stubborn Papa Capricorn, who is considered the true pillar of society. As a rule, he succeeds in his work, and even those things that surround him, seem to say that he achieved a lot. So Taurus has been accustomed since childhood to the fact that work with full impact can produce certain results, and therefore, his efforts will not be in vain. The first gift of Capricorn to his Taurus child will probably be a piggy bank, followed by an account in a savings bank!

The dad really cares about the affairs and concerns of the family, although he does not hurry to show his feelings and attachments, which sometimes bothers the little Taurus. Capricorn believes that his house and his loved ones are the foundation on which his whole life rests. Therefore, he spares no money to turn the house into a paradise, and tries to ensure that his children receive all the best, and certainly a good education.

This is perfectly suited to Taurus, because he likes to be spoiled! He feels good in a cozy comfortable house, where he feels so calm, and he is quite suitable for that little conservative, as in the good old days, a school with good traditions, which his father will choose for him. Papa-Capricorn refers to those very responsible parents who try to provide their children with exactly what they need.

This father will try to ensure that his child has the right landmarks in life. He will explain to him everything that he considers necessary, about duty, honesty and reliability, he will tell what is right and what is wrong. And although Taurus, out of stubbornness, can sometimes violate these rules, he likes that solid foundation that he gets thanks to his father. In addition, the father knows exactly what place in life is to take his offspring!

Taurus does not like uncertainty and would like to know what is expected of him. And in this they understand each other with their father. These two are not strangers to a sense of humor, and they are slightly joking with each other, which otherwise might not like. Both like to laugh at people who are full of high-flying ideas, but do not know how to stand firmly on the ground. And certainly such does not happen, that this pair did something, not having thought everything from the beginning and up to the end, - they very soberly look at life.

Capricorn is pleased that his child likes all those really expensive things, which he earns so persistently. But the little Taurus always wanted to have such a faithful and reliable patron as his father.

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