Virgo Child — Capricorn Parent

These two earthly natures become wonderful companions of life. They walk in the leg. Virgo is one of the few signs that can live within the strict limits set by Capricorn, and not be burdened by them, because Virgo does not need to break into a fight, she does not have the desire to dictate conditions or arrange a riot. Mentally, a Maid can think over several tricks and alternatives to the opinion of Capricorn, but she is usually satisfied with the possibility of staying within the prescribed limits. Capricorn offers Virgo security, its reliability and confidence soothe the nervous Virgo.

Capricorn and Virgo are sure: if you have to do something, then you must fulfill this task as it should. This means planning the business in advance and arranging the work. Virgo will add a postscript to the plan: do not forget to clean after work! Together, Capricorn and Virgo are able to cope with most problems, they realize their abilities, turning chaos into order.

Capricorn Mother — Virgo Child

Virgo perfectly feels close to the Capricorn mom, because they are very similar to each other. They both love to be considered prudent, respected, responsible and possessing a sense of duty personalities. Both are full of common sense, economical about money, do not like to stay away from home for long, and both do not like impertinent, insolent types.

Both are sometimes pessimistic, but cautious, tidy and well organized. They value the things they own, respect the authorities and do not waste time on fruitless dreams. They work hard, and also believe that every thing, like every person, has its place. Both really take life very seriously, but they do not feel a sense of humor at the same time.

And they differ in that the mother-Capricorn needs more success than her tender, like a violet, a child. Capricorn knows that he deserves much, and believes that her child should be equal to her. She is glad that Virgo works so much, and encourages her striving for perfection. Others, perhaps, would have thought that Virgo’s diligence is like an obsession, but for Capricorn’s mother, it’s more of a virtue, it’s for her child’s benefit. Besides, Virgo has to look enough at her mother and at that comfortable life she could provide to understand that hard work is always rewarded.

If Virgo often displays humility, looks obliging and shy and does not really tear forward, then Mother Capricorn is uncharacteristic. She knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. And if she decided that her child must succeed or fulfill her own dreams that have not been fulfilled, Capricorn, like a bulldozer, will push his child in the direction that she has chosen for him. Virgo needs a softer attitude, because she can feel guilty if she can not meet the standards set by her mother.

This mother should understand that any active action on her part should be accompanied by warmth and support. Mother Capricorn, controlled by the cold planet Saturn, will not be easy to show true love, but she should learn this if she wants to help the Virgo overcome the problems of low self-esteem. Little Virgo should appreciate herself, which will allow her to do everything at such a level as Capricorn wants.

Virgo likes intelligent, firm leadership, and Capricorn is the very person who can provide it. And if the Virgo refuses to follow the path that the Capricorn mom has determined to her, she must admit that this is not the end of the world. Let it be better for her to understand that the Virgo can achieve more with any choice, using the powerful directing force of Capricorn’s mother.

Capricorn Father — Virgo Child

Capricorn dad works very hard, leads everything in the house and is deeply respected. Virgo would like him to be attached to her more and more would often praise her, but she does not doubt that they are actually tuned to the same wave. Virgo tries to borrow from his father a reasonable and effective approach to life. She sees that he has achieved a lot, and it is difficult for her to imagine that she can ever get around him in this - even if she has the courage to compete with him.

Virgo is happy to support her father when they do something together, although he finds that he is rather strict. Simply, he believes that to find the desired position in society and to achieve prosperity can only be following the generally accepted line, and eccentric actions or movement against the current will cause only general condemnation. He teaches this and his little Virgo, who is already obedient and ready to agree with everyone. Father should use humor more in communicating with his child, because Virgo is so serious that sometimes they get tired of it...

A Virgo can grow limited if the father concentrates her attention on everything rational, practical and reasonable. Of course, she needs a solid foundation, but even more important is a broader view of life so that she can use all of her potential opportunities. Even if there are fewer assignments, and there will be more rest and entertainment, it would awaken her imagination, allowing her latent abilities to manifest, and she is more often inclined to literary creation. Capricorn is preoccupied with work, and it is difficult for him to show his emotions, but a little Virgo should be more often assured that she is loved and appreciated: this would help her develop her self-confidence, because she sometimes does not have enough.

Of course, the father will praise her for being so neat, obedient and willingly helping around the house. He is even ready to pay her for some work, and this doubles her. But sometimes the Capricorn father can think that it’s stupid - so try to serve others. He believes that you need to help yourself first, and the Virgo spends too much time on others. But this is a way of showing her caring, and it would not hurt my father to remember this. He enjoys giving her advice, and she readily listens to them. Of course, this is good for his conceit, although Virgo can believe that he knows everything in the world.

My father is pleased that Virgo is a good student - only through hard work. But he would like her to prove herself even more. Well, the Virgo will inspire the success of his father. So eventually she will learn to succeed in life, the truth, will come to this in her own way. And one day, Capricorn’s father will understand that his Virgo is that child who can be proud of.

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