Gemini Parents

Gemini Parents perfectly understand their children, they arrange joint games with them, when they need to teach their child something or explain something, they will always find comprehensible arguments and necessary arguments. Representatives of the air element in the upbringing use only the mind, but do not connect the heart, so children may not receive a caress. The parents themselves have not yet said goodbye to the youthful outlook, filled with the joy of novelty of discoveries, so in a joyful positive they are ready to start every day. This is similar to how a child with joy stretches out his hands to meet a new toy, anticipating the pleasure of owning it.

Representatives of this sign can boast a good memory. Gemini parents should learn to give children warmth of their heart, love and patience, gentle touches and compliments, creating peace and peace in the house, where everyone is comfortable. Member of the family.

One developed mind is sometimes not enough in solving the arising problems, so the children will need the whole spectrum of parental upbringing. It’s great if mom and dad are intellectuals to the bone: they can open the secret world of art to the child, the beauty of the dance, the charm of symphonic music, the magic of paintings of artists, the fascination of reading and more. But this is still not enough.

Gemini-Parents perceive children as equal to themselves, not paying attention to the age of descendants. They are surprised that the offspring can treat them without due respect and reverence, although they themselves often sin with a lack of attention to the younger ones. For ages, adults simply do not have a firm hand and perseverance.

Gemini Mother

Gemini mother feels eternally young and young, that’s why she treats her child as an equal. She talks to him not as a child, but as an adult. As a result, trustful friendships are established between the mother and the child. And this is even good - the child is rapidly developing, becoming clever and independent.

But the mother of Gemini is full of contradictory thoughts, since it can not concentrate for a long time on one thing and draw consistent conclusions. To the child, she conveys this property, which deprives him of discretion - the child believes his mother and accepts her point of view. After the mother, the child believes everyone he considers worthy of trust. In adult life, they can easily be manipulated by stronger individuals, and he may be at the mercy of dangerous people and groups.

That in the life of the child this did not happen, the mother of Gemini should be entrusted to raise her child in infancy to relatives. When a child grows up, identify him in a good kindergarten, school, etc. A child brought up by professionals will very early start to object to his mother Gemini, on many issues will enter into a dispute with her. And if this happens, then this indicates a great success, as it will grow judicious and independent.

Gemini Father

In the role of the father, Gemini serve their child as an example of a cheerful and clear vision of the world, a purposeful search for necessary knowledge. Before their child, they reveal their artistic, literary and oratorical talent, as well as the talent of a pathfinder and a pioneer in any field of knowledge.

Demonstrating before the child their abilities, Father Gemini forgets about his needs and characteristics. Although Father Gemini is able to critically evaluate his actions and words, but he forgets about the feelings that should be manifested in the love of the child. Unfortunately, the Twins do not have deep feelings, so they themselves are not able to exercise them.

The child with time begins to feel the lack of love and understands this as a lack of due attention to him. He early loses a close emotional connection with his father and becomes independent. Over the years, Gemini father begins to amaze at the lack of due respect from his child, which manifests itself in disputes and disobedience.

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