Aquarius Child — Gemini Parent

Aquarius and Gemini ignite each other with ideas and chatting without ceasing! As Gemini flutters from subject to subject, they like to consider new opportunities and think about different options, and thanks to the Aquarius child the influx of these options will be endless. Aquarius is constantly looking for something new and exciting. Twins do not interfere with Aquarius, believing that in life it is important to breathe fresh air, and not to pore over affairs, checking their strength.

Gemini is not peculiar to a few fettering close relationships, and therefore this sign gives to others and themselves a large space for maneuvers. Gemini has no clear idea of what qualities a child should have, they do not want to push him in a certain direction. Hence, Aquarius will be given the freedom to be himself, and this is the most important for him.

Gemini Mother — Aquarius Child

These two are happy to discuss among themselves another new idea. They are able to instantly turn on their minds and at the same time are full of energy and enthusiasm. True, both jump from one thought or theme to another, but they have nothing to blame each other for - at least they do it the same way. Both have an abundance of emotions and do not at all tend to think logically to act sensibly. Both like to look to the future, nurturing ideas that are ahead of time.

And the mother Gemini and the Aquarius child do not tolerate the ordinary, so they can easily adapt to the anarchic life style of each other, although this does not prevent them from quarreling, because they are an unpredictable couple, capable of exploding. Both love to do everything their own way, and everyone does not doubt that it is he who is right. Gemini mom should not be considered that she has the right to dispose of her child’s life, - the rebel Aquarius will always and in everything demand his own! He simply will not allow his freedom to be in any way detrimental.

Little Aquarius, to the delight of his mother, is developing rapidly and begins to speak early. In addition, he is a very benevolent child, who is not a burden to anyone. This mother loves society and will be happy that the baby will go with her anywhere. She is not very upset that the child is sometimes somewhat alienated, because it is inherent in herself.

Of course, the Gemini Mom communicates with people much more, and she has reason to teach her child not to be too gullible. Actually, she treats him like an adult, which he certainly likes. Only she must still remember that he needs much more love and care than it may seem.

This mother lacks the idealism of Aquarius. Own desires and the need for entertainment, she puts above many other considerations. But it will give the child the opportunity to be himself, though balancing it with the right dose of discipline. Yes, this is an unusual child, and you should not consider it just funny… Mommy-Gemini and her Aquarius will always understand each other, deriving great benefit from their relationship.

Gemini Father — Aquarius Child

Gemini loves his little adventurer. In this child there is no less enthusiasm and curiosity than in his father! The twin even secretly prides himself on the fact that Aquarius is a revolutionary by nature, dreaming of justice. Father believes that one should not obey people who try to command all indiscriminately, and is glad that his child is a worthy continue of his own traditions.

These two love verbal tournaments, and Aquarius never hesitates with an answer that even Gemini admires with his quick mind. Little Aquarius is honest, while Gemini is prone to small tricks, especially in conversation. Aquarius is humane and idealistic, always ready for good deeds, so that the father against his background may look almost selfish.

Father will teach Aquarius to act in the real world and to implement the original ideas. Over time, he will help the child correctly judge people and make money. Yes, his father has much more common sense than his little dreamer!

Both are benevolent, but at the same time they can be quite alienated. Aquarius does not want to reveal his true "I" if he is afraid that he will be offended. Well, his Dad-Gemini hides his doubts, cleverly disguising himself with clever words.

Sometimes Gemini, with his endless employment, realizes that he is not sure that he is a good father. He must find time to stay with his child. And it would be nice if it’s not too boring for Daddy! Of course, Aquarius is quite independent, and, perhaps, he will not be upset by the unexpectedly finished game, but his father’s interest to him and to his studies is so important for him!

This father will not be bothered by the uniqueness of his child. He understands well that this is a manifestation of originality, a feature of a creative personality, and he only encourages young Aquarius to independent thinking and greater self-expression. Well, the child of course like it. Gemini will be able to invent unusual stories, developing the imagination of Aquarius. Actually, they have a lot in common, and they will always be interesting together.

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