Cancer Child — Gemini Parent

Sometimes it is difficult for Gemini to sit next to Cancer’s shell and wait for this little creature to lean out. "What are you thinking about? The Twins ask impatiently. - Tell me". Cancer operates with emotions, not with thoughts, like Gemini, and therefore, it does not always manage to accurately express their feelings. Events remain in the psyche of Cancer anonymous and formless.

Parents can help Cancer to clear up a lot in an open conversation. But immediately it becomes clear: Gemini and Cancer can look at the same thing or event and present it in completely different ways. "I’m afraid of the dark," Cancer admits. "Do not be afraid," the Gemini answers judiciously. "In fact, in the dark, everything is exactly like in the light, only it can not be seen." "But I’m still scared," Cancer whines. Here’s a clash of thoughts and feelings! Gemini always adhere to logic and objectivity, and Cancer is identified with emotions.

To make these two understand each other, a change in views is necessary. Twins can try to listen to the feelings of Cancer, instead of reasoning reasonably. Cancer can help clarify this situation by speaking to the Gemini. In essence, Gemini’s desire for self-expression can be a genuine gift for Cancer, as it helps him understand himself and treat the event or event in perspective. Cancer appears a tool that prevents him from dissolving in the fog of feelings.

Gemini Mother — Cancer Child

The resourceful Gemini mom does not give boredom to his slow baby Cancer. Cancer is immersed in a world of feelings and emotions, and he does not have such quick reactions as his mom. Cancer answers come from within, and this takes time, whereas Gemini has everything on the surface. Her feelings are not too deep, but she can think at the speed of light, and Cancer will surely find that he can not catch up with his mother, who changes her mind ten times a day and talks to anyone who is ready to listen to her. Cancer is not always sure that it should do exactly what his mother tells him. Sometimes it seems that she loves words by themselves, and Cancer doubts, and whether it is worth to rely on what he hears...

But still he can not but love his mother and not admire her! He would also like to be as dynamic and sociable, but afraid that his own world will simply fall apart if he tries to become what he knows well he was not born.

Gemini mother will introduce the little Cancer to his friends and teach him to communicate with other people. But if friends fill the whole life of Gemini, Cancer does not like numerous gatherings and would often prefer to stay at home. He would like his mother to belong to him alone, and it is difficult for him to withstand this turbulent life of Gemini.

Cancer strikes how this mother knows how to get ahead of time! Gemini knows a lot more about the latest trends than her child. Sometimes it even seems that she knows the secret to extracting joy from all that life can offer. Cancer, too, often puts aside the flow of emotions, and this, you see, prevents every moment of being.

Mom-Gemini can not understand all these short periods of gloominess in her child, although she herself is very dependent on the mood. And yet she has the ability to distract Cancer, cheerfully convincing him that life is not something that makes it worth it to get upset.

Mommy-Gemini should be more careful with criticism. Cancer is too vulnerable: it is a sensitive child, which is better served by praise and encouragement. Therefore, Mom should focus on strengthening his self-confidence, otherwise in difficult situations it will be too easy to knock him down and he will not be able to rise for a long time. Well, if you can not do without criticism, it’s better to do it with light humor and very friendly. It’s good if the Gemini Mom correctly assesses the caring nature of their little Cancer! And she could even learn from him to put the needs of others ahead of his own.

Gemini Father — Cancer Child

The indefatigable Gemini dad lives his ideas and is able to talk about anything! He would like his child to have as much command of a word as he does, and he will try to accustom him to books from an early age. Cancer, of course, is only good, but it will take time before he can make his father in this company.

The twins need a little patience, not showing their disappointment, if the child does not develop as fast as we would like. Yes, he can act a little slow, but one day he will surprise his father with the power of his mind, especially when it touches money. He will also amaze him by the fact that his plans can really be implemented, while most of Gemini’s plans are just a shaking of the air.

The father delighted little Cancer with his stories: they are so excited about his imagination! He likes his father’s sense of humor, and they can often laugh together. True, unlike his father, Cancer will not become a risk lover and will never forget about caution. He will not be attracted to his social life, so that the father should find time specifically for his child. Little Cancer should be sure that it is needed - it is necessary for his well-being, and he will suffer, seeing that his father is always busy.

Do not think that Cancer will follow the rules, which they do not understand. He can feel very unhappy if he is not explained how certain rules can help people and why they are of great importance. He needs to realize that his father’s demands are not cavils at all!

Remember that Cancer needs to help gain strength in order to become a person. It is necessary to maintain his self-confidence, and this will not happen if the father becomes too critical of him, will be too strict or will begin to prevent his child from making his own decisions.

Emotional and sensitive Cancer deserves the most attentive attitude, and not shouting or commands, which happens when the father tries to assert his authority. Fortunately, with a good mood Cancer will think that it’s very funny! And he will definitely benefit from the optimistic views that will help him get out of the gloomy bouts.

Try to teach Cancer to talk about your feelings, not letting him become self-absorbed. Any pain causes him to hide in his shell, but patience and kindness can help him get out of there. If Gemini will learn to reckon with the fact that his little Cancer perceives everything much deeper than himself, he will make the main step towards full mutual understanding.

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