Capricorn Child — Gemini Parent

"What time is it?" - Asks the Capricorn child. "What’s the difference?" - Answers the Gemini parent. Capricorn and Gemini have a completely different approach to life: Capricorn tends to use its time and operate according to the schedule, while the Twins forget about the business if they are distracted by something more interesting.

In this case, Capricorn and Gemini change roles, as Capricorn is born as an adult, as the Twins become at best to old age. In many respects, Gemini is an eternal child, naive and frivolous, and Capricorn is distinguished by reason, intelligence and seriousness. Such a child wants to do everything as expected, and if the Gemini parent fails to concentrate on the upcoming business, Capricorn will take it for himself. Purposeful Capricorn is difficult to understand the twins’ quirks and their ability to think about several things at the same time.

Gemini Mother — Capricorn Child

Calm Capricorn thinks his Gemini mom just does not know how to keep quiet, although on the other hand, it’s so fun! In addition, she provides a very well-balanced offspring of considerable service, opening to him, as it is interesting - to discuss some new idea.

Capricorn sometimes wants the mother to be more practical and organized, but she so dreams of escaping from the domestic routine! She probably would have just hated her maternal responsibilities if she had no other interests... She needs communication, especially outside the home, while Capricorn needs a quieter life. The child wants the mother to spend more time with him, but this happens rarely.

Mommy-Twins love everything new, and her Capricorn is distrustful of new hobbies or too fashionable clothes. Probably, he wants to get a traditional education and resolutely declares this. At school, he probably will not have problems. This child knows how to work and will not stop until he brings things to the end, while his mother is diligent only as long as she is interested.

Mom-Gemini is full of fast energy of Mercury, well and its small Capricorn, controlled by restrained Saturn, perceives life much more slowly. Therefore, it is so important that they learn to like each other! Gemini mother must take into account the need of her Capricorn child in well-being, certain rules and understanding, in a measured life and gentle participation. And then these two will really enjoy their relationship.

Gemini Father — Capricorn Child

Father-Gemini seems Capricorn unassembled, he hardly manages to understand the explanations and conclusions of his father. A father-Gemini thinks that Capricorn thinks too slowly. Nevertheless, they admire each other: Gemini represents an unsolvable puzzle for Capricorn, and the common sense and worldly wisdom of Capricorn lead Gemini to rapture.

The Gemini Pope always finds entertainment and believes that the child would not be in the way too. Life should not consist only of work alone, as well as of just one game, so that the father should encourage Capricorn’s desire to take responsibility responsibly. This child should often be praised for his efforts, but do not let him be bored at home. Help him find a reasonable balance in this: no one will want to be considered boring, even the most serious person.

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