Gemini Child — Gemini Parent

A house with two sets of Gemini can become somewhat overpopulated - if both the child and one of the parents were born under the sign of Gemini; There are already four of them, not to mention other members of the family! The twins are controlled by the planet Mercury, and its living energy helps people born under this sign to change course for a fraction of a second. This duality is manifested as changeability, forcing other people to get lost in conjecture: Twins continually change each other. When a child and his parent are born under the sign of Gemini, at least they understand this phenomenon and consider it to be normal.

Their brains are tuned to the same wave, creating an impressive synchronicity of action. They move forward and turn at the same time as a pair of skaters, but at the same time they can bend each other into a mutton horn. Twins have a nervous, restless nature, and internally they resemble a kaleidoscope, in which the colors and patterns constantly change. It is difficult for them to find a quiet corner inside themselves.

Gemini Mother — Gemini Child

This couple is full of ideas! They are able to talk all day long, entertaining each other. Gemini Mom knows how to develop the child’s speech abilities, so that she will speak, count and read before the rest. Both of them are very contact, charming and quickly start a lot of friends (especially if they occupy a prominent position in society).

Such a mother likes a mobile way of life, and she understands the craving of her child for change and even his habit of engaging simultaneously all at once, because it’s so interesting! She is energetic enough to answer all his questions, and at the same time is quite critical in order to see his shortcomings. She is able to dream with him, because he shares his great ideas! In fact, none of them is going to implement their plans, but their discussion gives them real pleasure.

They perfectly feel themselves in each other’s society, although sometimes someone needs a third to calm them down. Little Gemini is as pleased with the changes as his mother, so he will not mind if she decides that it seems that it’s time to change the apartment.

The Gemini is happy that his mother is as sociable as he is, and she is quite happy that, emotionally, he is not too attached to her. She likes to feel independent and does not want the child to keep at her feet all the time. And yet it’s good that they both find time for tenderness and affection - this is important even for Gemini! Sometimes they argue, because for people ruled by Mercury, this is also a form of communication. But at the same time they remain the best friends who understand each other, like no other.

Gemini Father — Gemini Child

Gemini father is so much fun! These charades and tricks, unthinkable stories and playful games. Both Gemini - senior and junior - are determined to receive from life all kinds of pleasures, putting their love of entertainment first.

For a father, this most likely means that he spends all his free time on a sports club or repairing a scooter, unless, of course, he is busy with his promotion. But he will have to understand that more time is needed to develop the abilities of the little Gemini. His keen mind requires answers to all sorts of questions, and the Gemini father can do it better than everyone else.

Even when a father simply reads a newspaper, he can give his child a lot of information! And he is ready to make interesting trips full of impressions for the city. In addition, he is a master of surprises, and a little Gemini adores it. Twins can not stand boredom, although they often experience it, but these two never complain of boredom when they are together.

Father may have to think about how to encourage a younger Gemini to learn how to get things done. Both of them differ in that they spend their energy very unproductively, throwing a lot halfway. But if desired, it is fixable. But both have such a vivid imagination, and they are able to support each other on those rare occasions when one of them falls in the spirit. True, the older Gemini is somewhat unorganized, but little Gemini does not bother.

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