Leo Child — Gemini Parent

Both the Leo and the Gemini are able to play the leading roles with brilliance. Twins hypnotize others with words, Leo attracts admiring glances with his splendor. The child-lion radiates such a radiance that people around simply can not help but pay attention to it. He has his own ways of trying to reach him. It is like the Gemini as an extremely sociable sign. In essence, both Gemini and Leo tend to be in the thick of events.

Since Gemini is a sign focused on the breadth of his thinking, he can overlook the inherent ability of the Lion to manifest himself, no matter whether it’s drawing, needlework or other creativity - Leo tends to say who he is. In everything that does, Leo puts his heart and soul. He is not able to rush from object to subject, like Gemini, he wants to show you a masterpiece.

The lion requires time and attention from the parents, but the Gemini belong to the type of people who are fond of several things at once. The Leo may interpret such behavior as evidence that he is not good enough. Lion looks confident, but secretly needs the praise of others. In a bustling world, Gemini never has time to gaze, but when Leo feels that he is being neglected, he becomes depressed.

Gemini Mother — Leo Child

This bright couple is full of ideas. They have so much energy that they will become the soul of any sports team, the center of fun at the school holiday and the best organizers of the city contest of children’s creativity. Gemini mother loves communication and is ready to invite a whole mob of mothers with children to join her company. Leo likes this, because it allows him to be in the center of attention: a kind of shining little host against the backdrop of the crowd!

Restless Gemini mom will twist the head of the Lion with endless plans and ideas. The lion loves people who enjoy talking and talking, but even the personality of the sign of fire is difficult to keep up with Mercury-ruled Gemini. This mother just strikes the child with her verbal abilities!

Sometimes she starts to extol the little Lion to the skies, knowing that this is the best way to get him to do what she wants. But here she needs to be more careful! The lion can swallow everything, trusting her every word, but the day will come when he will understand that this is nothing more than a way to manipulate him, and will be shocked to the core.

Mom-Gemini likes to be herself, her baby-lion is also quite pleased with his personality. Mom is happy to come up with what to do on days off, starting up funny games and having fun sports. Well, Leo really needs to be constantly entertained: when he is interested in something, he is happy to turn it on.

Mommy-Gemini will constantly give him new assignments, and thus the opportunity to prove himself! But it is important that the mother does not forget about her own interests, because the Twins too often begin to live the life of their children. So why should she not attend any evening classes to take her so active mind? Still, everyone should enjoy their freedom!

In addition, Mom should not forget that her child-Leo simply adores everyone to lead. But perhaps, she is ready to concede to him, paying tribute to his bright, generous and constructive nature. True, and the Lion can not fail to appreciate the enthusiasm of the mother and her infinite energy. Well, is not this a successful combination?

Gemini Father — Leo Child

A very modern Dad-Gemini is often ahead of the Lion when it comes to the latest trends. This father is not to blame for the fact that he lags behind life! He’s so different, so interesting, funny and funny, and the Lion loves him, because he’s never bored with him.

True, sometimes Leo would like his father to be more responsible and reliable. Leo is never sure until the end that he can rely on his changeable daddy and that he will certainly fulfill all that he promised. So the father should try to ensure that all his plans concerning the child correspond to impressive promises. But if it does not always work out, then Gemini can convince himself that a little Leo will forgive him. Leo likes people with high goals, and it just does not occur to him that sometimes they are able to fail.

The Gemini Father likes to tease everyone, and the poor Leo, who understands everything in the strictest sense of the word, feels depressed if his father puts him in a stupid position. A lion is a proud being, and such things can undermine his self-confidence, especially since it is not as unshakable as it seems.

Gemini does not doubt that he knows everything, and is ready to teach others how and what to do. Leo does not agree with this. In addition, he wants to change everything he faces for the better. And, of course, he will not welcome the opinion of the all-knowing father about how he, Leo, needs to act. Here it is better for Gem to surrender, especially since it turns out to be the Lion in the end...

These two have a great time discussing various ideas. They are ready to talk from morning till night, although his father sometimes has a regrettable habit of finding childish conversations boring. Then he simply leaves, leaving Leo wondering what he did wrong. And sometimes the father suddenly becomes overbearing or too critical simply because he wants to show that everything depends on him. This father is better off doing what he does well, that is, to encourage the creativity of the Lion, his enthusiasm and nobility, his ability to dream and build the brightest plans. And then both will be happy.

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