Libra Child — Gemini Parent

Gemini perfectly understand Libra’s need for communication, as Gemini is also a sign of air and, therefore, is oriented towards society. Libra and Gemini resemble two birds, chirping incessantly and fluttering from one subject to another. Libra and Gemini will never run out of topics for conversation. Gemini is psychologically predisposed to not restrict freedom of freedom - that is, they remain and do not interfere with the development of the child. Weights also want communication, not suffocating intimacy.

Gemini Mother — Libra Child

These two can be best friends. They understand and entertain each other, and the Gemini Mom is delighted that she has such a talkative, intelligent and kindhearted child. She herself easily falls into a longing for tedious household chores, but next to this child she will not have special opportunities for this! Mom is satisfied with the sociality of her child: she loves to visit and meet people, and in the face of Libra she gets a good company. This child knows how to start all conversations literally from the cradle, and as quickly as she does, get friends.

Both of them are not too emotional, and both prefer to discuss some ideas, rather than dig into their own feelings. But when it comes time to make decisions, there may be misunderstandings. Mom-Gemini comes to lightning fast to some conclusion and just as quickly changes it. The Libra child needs a lot of time to weigh everything, and he is confused and puzzled when the mother refuses his opinion for something new.

This child needs help, because he must learn to make decisions, and it is important for the mother not to show haste, but to show him how it is done. But she must remember that it can ruin his life if he always decides everything for him. Of course, Libra, especially if they are lazy, seems to be not against, but is there any benefit?

This mom has enough energy, and she will not tolerate that her child is too long to be idle. True, it would be good for her to remember that Libra needs rest to be recharged from time to time. Both of them find in each other a lot of interesting things! So their relationship will bring many happy minutes to both mother and child.

Gemini Father — Libra Child

The Gemini dad is full of great ideas, which he likes to share with his Libra baby. He is able to irritate the imagination of Libra, but will also teach him and common sense. Gemini helps Libra to see all the interesting things that life offers him, and the child will never feel that something is deprived, if his father is next to him.

Both like to think and talk, but Gemini does not have to constantly jump forward, taking the initiative, because his child, Libra, can not always keep up with the living mind of his father. Libra prefer to fascinate people with their easy manners. This child begins to worry when his fickle father shows displeasure. He prefers peace and tranquility, and although he likes smart arguments, he can not stand sharp flares. The father must assure him that he is not always as angry as it seems, and that sensitive Libra does not need to react to all family quarrels.

Such a father is often able to change his place of residence or work. And although he himself believes that such changes are only for his benefit, he must remember that Libra needs stability and that any unexpected twists and turns can deprive the child of peace of mind. But Libra will help to realize that not all things in life are permanent, that decisions need to be made more often and easier and that in general this is not always so necessary.

It is possible that Gemini will spoil his child somewhat, although it will look strict and even detached. But he will do everything in his power to awaken in Libra determination and self-confidence, leaving him no opportunity for laziness and softness. But he must understand that Libra needs some indulgence. This is a generous and resourceful child who deserves encouragement, which sometimes the father forgets, more focused on himself and thinking mostly about his own entertainment and interests.

Gemini man can play with words, and it’s so fun! The Libra-child likes his father’s jokes. Moreover, it is precisely such a father who can awaken the creative abilities of a child and develop his imagination, teach him to draw conclusions and express them to the place. And all this to Libra is only good!

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