Pisces Child — Gemini Parent

Pisces seems that the twin parent leads an endless excursion to the library of life. Gemini interests are so versatile that they cover the widest range of issues, but in a hurry, Gemini is satisfied with a superficial acquaintance with most subjects. The Pisces child absorbs everything that he can, and goes into his dream world when too much information falls on him. This way helps them to protect: it’s like turning the TV off if the film becomes too scary.

Gemini Mother — Pisces Child

In my mind, Gemini’s mother has a lot of ideas - mostly it concerns herself, because she simply does not tolerate boredom. She always happens somewhere, because she needs communication, and she takes the child everywhere with her, not really thinking about whether he wants it or not. Mothers need to understand that Pisces is not always easy to be in public - to a society of others, the baby is better to get used gradually.

But the little Fish likes the atmosphere of fun that her mother can create. Both are endowed with a great imagination and together will come up with the most fascinating games. Both know how to use their charm and know how to achieve from others what they want. Mommy-Gemini do this with the help of clever words, and Fish - using the most affectionate smiles.

This impatient mother wants her child to develop quickly, but with Pisces it might not work out - you’ll have to have patience. But my mother will be interested in teaching her baby all sorts of things, developing his imagination. However, it is too much to dive into the world of fantasy this mother will not allow him!

She will have to watch over herself and be more careful with criticism. Pisces does not perceive harsh words and teasing, because its self-confidence is not too strong anyway. Here, on the contrary, we need praise, and small failures and failures can be ignored. I must say, these two are able to tangle each other with deliberate lies. Both signs tend to tell stories, so the mother should give Pisces a good example, so that it would be easier to cope with it.

Mommy-Twins sometimes too actively interferes in the interests of their child, and he often succumbs to her, if only because not to argue with his mother or just to give her pleasure. But this child must be taught to make his own decisions, encouraging him to more self-affirmation! If the Gemini Mom will be able to take into account all this, their relationship will not only be pleasant, but also useful for both.

Gemini Father — Pisces Child

Easy to fudge and the words of Gemini dad seems like an incomprehensible little Fish with her somewhat slumbering consciousness. She likes to live at a slow pace and sometimes just gets tired of the speed of her father. Gemini likes to play with words, but Pisces can tell such stories that it is capable of deceiving even her daddy! In fact, there is nothing wrong with this, just the concept of truth for Pisces is very plastic, because it tries to adapt to each new situation or a new person.

Both are not too straightforward and not designed for orderly life. Gemini really likes the changes and moving, and the child does not hurt at all. He easily accepts all the plans of his father, but one must at least occasionally be interested in his own opinion. Fishes often forget about their needs, preferring to follow someone else, and the father should think about how to help the child to gain independence.

Little Fish can not be teased, because she does not take it well. She takes offense, plunges into a bad mood and sad thoughts. It is also not worth it to impose its own decisions on it. The Pisces needs to be encouraged to their own conscious choice, otherwise it can obey the father only because they are afraid to upset him. Sometimes she needs to know that she has the right to express a different opinion, not like yours, and it will be good if you support her in this.

Perhaps, Pisces will want to devote himself to art or music. She is not from the category of materialists, like her father, and prefers a favorite but not profitable business to financial well-being. And Gemini will believe that she should have done something that would bring more money. Perhaps he will even be able to reasonable tell her how best to do it.

Pisces has a vivid imagination, which, with the help of his father, will be able to develop even more. The child likes that his father is happy to come up with something for him. But when the Gemini suddenly becomes bored, Pisces is ready to cry from offense. The father needs to learn to hide his feelings when he is tired of playing with the child. And he should remember that his baby would have enough real evidence of his father’s love and attention.

Gemini can teach Fish to cope with difficult situations, focus, make decisions and, if necessary, stand up for oneself. All this will take a long time, but in return the father will receive such a gratitude from his sympathetic child that it compensates a lot. Well, the Pisces child next to such a father will grow up not a gullible and sleepy dreamer who prefers to walk away from all the difficulties of life, but a determined, efficient and self-assured person.

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