Sagittarius Child — Gemini Parent

Sagittarius and Gemini are mutable signs - hence, changes are pleasing to them - and despite the fact that they are diametrically opposed in the astrological circle, there is a marked similarity between them. Life is boiling around them both. Their tendency to scatter their energy in a variety of different directions can cause confusion to others, but Sagittarius and Gemini choose the path of the least resistance: they just go where their eyes look, not paying attention to the confusion of the traces left behind. Sagittarius and Gemini accept each other unconditionally and understand the mutual need for excitement and diversity.

The life philosophy of Sagittarius develops through the long-term observation of the invisible laws of the world. By refusing to get involved in ordinary, everyday affairs, they leave the observation post, from which one can see only to reach the stars. According to the logical Gemini, this is ridiculous, and yet Sagittarius has a spiritual dimension, they firmly believe that everything that is done is only for the best, and that any event is understandable, even if at first its causes remain incomprehensible. In any case, Sagittarius will have to go a long way before he acquires his belief system.

Gemini Mother — Sagittarius Child

This mother finds that the curiosity of the little Sagittarius makes her life very interesting. But this alone is not enough for her: sitting at home even in the company of restless Sagittarius can quickly bother her. Gemini mom is pleased with the responsiveness and idealism of her child. She is happy to be involved in all his interests, but sometimes able to intercept his initiative, because it is too active. Well, Sagittarius is a creative and independent person, and he will hardly like it. Perhaps, as soon as he grows up, he will ask her not to poke his nose into his personal life! He wants to have the opportunity to live as he pleases.

Generally, energy and enthusiasm are enough for both, and together they are interested. Her mother believes that Sagittarius is too trusting and frank, and she teaches him to beware of strangers (although all of them instantly turn into friends!). Sagittarius will begin to speak rather early, then give pleasure to his sociable mother. She watches with interest the development of the child and is glad that he shares her love for reading and literary pursuits, and even disputes. And she can not help but like his joyful perception of life!

Some Gemini mothers are able, though unconsciously, to suppress the bright nature of the little Sagittarius. Mercury, prone to analysis, the Gemini Lord, makes her from time to time too critical. But Mom should remember that her child does everything much better when he is praised. But criticism only destroys his self-confidence.

These two do not tolerate boredom. They need a constant influx of something new that would take their imagination. Perhaps the Gemini Mom will introduce the child to all his friends. It is not excluded that she will often move from apartment to apartment. Fortunately, Sagittarius can adapt well to the new environment, although he may be annoyed by the fact that his mother always wants changes. Fortunately, Sagittarius knows what endless new ideas are and how difficult it is to stop on one thing.

The inconsistency of the Gemini Mom and her dislike for any rules would have embarrassed many other signs, but not Sagittarius. He himself is not a supporter of certainty, although sometimes he would like his mother to be less changeable. But she has such a fast, so moving mind and such an inspired approach to everything new - just like him! Perhaps these two will always be interesting together...

Gemini Father — Sagittarius Child

These two will manage to get along, although difficult moments between them will also be enough. Managed by Mercury, Dad-Gemini is able to utter his little Sagittarius completely. In his stories, it is sometimes impossible to separate facts from fictions, and this leads Sagittarius in complete perplexity. Well, if Gemini warns his child when he fools him, and when he tells the truth...

Pope Gemini loves entertainment - like his child. But at times, daddy is so enthralled that he is not up to the child. Do I need to talk about how offensive it is! Father Gemini likes to command and criticize, although a small Sagittarius with his bright mind rather deserves to praise, because he has a special view of the world, his own point of view, and therefore he has the full right to independence.

But all disagreements are forgotten, it is necessary to them to undertake a new, risky and fascinating event that will capture their imagination. Endless discussions will benefit Sagittarius, because they help him to seek a grain of common sense and not to rush to implement half-conscious plans.

With the imagination of this father, too, everything is in order. He tells his child stories that simply capture the imagination of little Sagittarius. He knows how to play the most fun games, and on equal terms. But the child will not forgive him if he realizes that the father is trying to trick him or use his trust somehow. And he will be very upset if his father suddenly becomes bored with him and he quits the game in the midst of merriment.

A twin is often a very busy man, thinking about his career and his connections in the community. It is clear that children do not always occupy the first place in his life. But little Sagittarius, with his craving for self-expression, with his endless vivid ideas, needs a father’s society! As, indeed, the very Gemini society of his child.

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