Scorpio Child — Gemini Parent

As a sign of the air, Gemini live primarily by the mind, while Scorpio constantly resides in the world of feelings, reflecting its elements - water. In relationships, this means that the Gemini will be reasonable, rational and logical, and Scorpio will feel that his emotions are unacceptable. He can try to deny his feelings and prove that he is able to be as objective as the Gemini, demonstrating to parent the depth of mental abilities, and not the depth of emotions. But later it will be extremely difficult for Scorpio to recognize his sensitivity and imagination and reconcile with them if he suppressed them as a child.

Even in his childhood, Scorpio will take life more seriously than his twin parent: for Scorpio, there are many extremely important issues, some of them difficult to articulate and express. The Scorpion child is interested in such questions as life and death, God, the emotional side of relationships with parents - thoughts that the Gemini sweep away, feeling uncomfortable when they can not connect their lives in a logical chain. According to Gemini, if something can not be found simple explanation, it is better to throw this question out of your head and move on to more interesting things. Parent-Gemini is actually a child in the mask of an adult.

Gemini Mother — Scorpio Child

The animated Gemini mother lives mostly in the head, in which there are a lot of tempting ideas. Scorpio, too, does not take energy, but his life depends too much on emotions. He believes that others will take into account his feelings, but this is often forgotten by his mommy Gemini. She just does not understand those bursts of emotion that throw her child in one direction or another. This mother loves fun and laughter, while the little Scorpio takes life more seriously.

For the Gemini mom, even the truth is not a very clear concept. She can turn a lot into a game, and this embarrasses Scorpio. And he does not want to be hidden from him, although he often hides his feelings from everyone. And most of all he can not stand the gay teasing of his mother.

This mother prefers home boredom company of friends. And Scorpio likes to stay at home with his mother... But he also benefits from the fact that his mother is such a friendly person, because he will learn a lot from her, and especially communication with other people.

Little Scorpio likes the purposefulness of the mother, although sometimes it hinders her trying to lead his life. He himself must learn to achieve what he considers necessary, and the Gemini Mom should not take on all the problems of his child. This mother will enjoy talking with the child. It’s so interesting to listen to his very adult questions, coming up with clever and entertaining answers!

True, she will have to think about the fact that life needs to be more measured, because her child has a great desire for emotional well-being. But he can always count on love and participation. This, like entertainment in the Gemini style, will help Scorpio grow up happy and really strong, feeling like a person.

Gemini Father — Scorpio Child

Restless Gemini dad does not leave anyone without work, which, perhaps, is good for Scorpio. This child must be busy with something, so that he does not have time to doubt, resentment, childish revenge and adult pessimism. There is a lot of energy in it - you just need to direct it to something worthwhile. Well, Gemini has more ideas than enough, so it’s not hard for this father to figure out what to do with a little Scorpio.

Do not be tempted by the fact that, for all its fascination, does not require the work of the mind. Scorpio needs intellectual and sport activities, so that there is a lot of energy to "dump". The father must be convinced that the child has a well-thought-out circle of interests. But it would be good to see to it that he brought to the end everything for which he undertook (although Daddy-Gemini himself does not differ in assiduity!). Scorpio often loses something of interest quite unexpectedly, but if he is really passionate, he will not stop until he has achieved his goal.

Gemini has an unpredictable disposition, and Scorpio can take the outbursts of his mood too close to his heart: he is calmer with people who are not so volatile and changeable. This child wants to understand everything that happens in his life, and the father adores surprises, which not everyone gives pleasure. Scorpio, in fact, not a supporter of surprises and believes that it is better to know about everything in advance - especially if it is associated with some changes.

Gemini man loves entertainment, but Scorpio is more serious, but both are very inquisitive, so they will rejoice together, discovering something new. My father is interested in answering Scorpio’s endless questions, but one day he may bore him. And with a sensitive Scorpio, you have to be more careful: he will be offended if he realizes that he has lost interest.

Of course, the Scorpio child will receive from his father and many useful lessons. He will learn to express out loud those thoughts that worry him, learn to communicate with other people. Of course, Gemini does not have the emotion of Scorpio, but they are united by enthusiasm and interest in life. In addition, the father will reveal to his serious Scorpio child a little secret: entertainment is also a rest that is so necessary!

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