Taurus Child — Gemini Parent

The combination of the Taurus earth sign and the Gemini air sign, can produce noticeable excitement in the atmosphere! The Taurus child loves to know what’s going on, what the order of today’s game is, and Twins tend to be flexible, adaptable and able to make any changes. During the day, Taurus repeatedly leads Gemini into irritation, wanting to know exactly what and when he should eat and When to go home.

Gemini attaches great importance to thinking. It’s not that they consider Einstein’s theory of relativity to be the best fairy tale for the night, but with a sinking expect the first words of his child - because Gemini is associated primarily with communication. Twins are surprised to find that in the world of Taurus, actions mean more than words. If something can not be tasted or touched, you can not see or hear, which means it does not exist. Taurus seeks to discover the physical objects of existence, see how the machines operate, dismantle and reassemble them, Taurus is more of a mundane than an erudite child, and must follow this path to be himself.

Gemini Mother — Taurus Child

Gemini mother just can not help running around in circles around his little Taurus. Twins prefer a fast pace of life, while the Earthly Taurus likes to do everything slowly. Such a child will act consistently and practical, gradually entering into the taste, while for the Gemini Mom, the work will get bored quickly, and she will turn to something more interesting and entertaining.

Gemini is very sociable and loves when she has an audience. It also gives pleasure to amuse themselves with others, putting them at a dead end or catching at the word. This leads to the embarrassment of the simple-minded and straightforward Taurus: he believes that everything should be what it seems. He does not like dirty tricks and wants his mother to say what she thinks, and she would think what she says. True, thanks to this, the Gemini Mom can persuade Taurus to do many things that she often does.

Little Taurus, of course, wants to be as free and carefree as his mother. But he would feel much better if she just slowed down, adapting to the pace of her child, and would show more care and participation, which Taurus dreams of.

This mother needs to understand that it is best to rely on affection, because a small Taurus need to feel loved and desired. If a child does not have enough of this, he can become stubborn and disobedient. Heat and love could all put in their place in his own little world.

Mom-Gemini is always on the move and even begins to feel sad, if too long lives in one place. But if they are to move, Taurus will need additional explanations. He loves stability and would be happy to live in the same house all his life, so he has to be cautiously brought into a new environment.

Gemini mother must remember that each of them has their own interests and that one should not invade the world of Taurus, trying to steer it in a direction that does not suit him. The Little Taurus does not develop as fast as it did with his Gemini mother, and it may be too late to say that his talkative mother might be puzzled. But at the appointed time, Taurus will learn everything, and the mother will be convinced that the time spent studying Taurus was worth it. And both will be happy!

Gemini Father — Taurus Child

Gemini father is so adept at the word that he is able to confound the little Taurus. The father loves the argument for the sake of argument, because it’s so funny, while Taurus takes such things too seriously. And since he is also very vulnerable, he prefers retreat. Taurus believes that the beautiful words and fantastic ideas of his father - just a waste of time. He thinks that going shopping would be much more interesting!

Actually, a calm nature Taurus wants his father not to say so much at all. And he constantly expresses all new opinions, builds the next plans for the family, and this confuses the undisturbed Taurus. Moreover, he would like his father to adhere to the truth: at times he exaggerates everything or distorts, and for a child with a somewhat slowed-down thinking this is perhaps too much! But the charm of the father always prevails, especially when it comes time to go to bed. Papa-Gemini tells wonderful stories and makes it so great that little Taurus falls asleep with a grateful smile on his face...

Gemini is too bored for a long time to do the same thing, and he can suddenly lose interest in the most entertaining game. Taurus prefers that the father assigns a certain amount of time to games, and he would like to know beforehand when they have to finish. A twin can behave absolutely imperturbably, even a little unceremoniously, and then suddenly become an extremely strict father. Taurus does not object to reasonable discipline if it helps him find his place in life. But he does not like these sudden changes - stability is most important for him. If the father takes this into consideration and begins to treat his child more evenly, the little Taurus will feel much calmer and more confident.

The Gemini Pope does not doubt that he knows best what and how to do, and hastens to inform little Taurus about it. Hardly Taurus agrees with this! Rather, he stubbornly lowers his head, insisting on his, especially if the father starts to push too hard on him. It is better if the father gives him the right to understand his own problems or plans, helping with help and help only when this is really needed. Of course, the father should not forget about his interests, but at the same time he must deal with himself so that his little Taurus lived in an atmosphere of reliability and peace.

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