Virgo Child — Gemini Parent

At first glance, the earthly Maiden and the air of Gemini have little in common, but they are irresistibly attracted to each other, since both are controlled by Mercury, the planet of communication. As a result, Virgo and Gemini come to an agreement that most people would envy, but even consent does not guarantee that they will not disagree. In fact, they find the utter similarity of views unimaginably boring.

In the mental attitude, Gemini is more dexterous than Virgo. The Virgo, however, keeps away, analyzing her thoughts. Therefore, it may seem that the parent-Gemini has the agility of the child, and the child-Virgo - the understanding of the adult. The twins are naive and innocent, and Virgo is not without skepticism.

Gemini Mother — Virgo Child

These two can love and understand each other, but they will argue too. Both are thanks to the energy of Mercury for hours to discuss and analyze everything that takes them. Both are very critical, and if they turn their sharp minds against each other, everything may end in a quarrel. Mom-Gemini, most likely, will prevail, because she is faster at words than Virgo, who better expresses her thoughts in writing.

The words of mom Gemini fly out before she thought them over, especially if she has a reason for criticism. A Virgo can respond to her mother in the same way that she often does, but in her heart she is very offended, since harsh statements hurt her more than representatives of other signs.

Mother is inclined to mood swings and changeability, and sometimes looks somewhat detached, and this embarrasses and upsets Virgo, who takes everything into account. Gemini should more use his living sense of humor in time to defuse potentially dangerous situations.

And yet, if they manage to do without mutual criticism, Mom-Gemini and her child-Virgo will find each other’s society very interesting. This mother is very active and comes up with all kinds of activities for both of them. She will join the Virgo in a swimming pool or even begin to learn music to support her. The trouble is that the mother is so addicted to all this that her child may one day decide that he is simply set aside. So Gemini should not forget about his interests, and the child let him look for himself and get satisfaction, realizing his own possibilities.

Mom-Gemini is very sociable and encourages her shy Virgo to new acquaintances: the more friends, the better! Mom likes that Virgo is so smart and asks a lot of interesting questions, reads well and writes, and generally enjoys learning what the mother explains to her before school. Mom-Gemini is happy that her child also appreciates the word, like herself. But she can be so carried away by the development of the mental faculties of her little Virgo that she will sometimes forget about the emotional needs of the child. It is necessary to find time for caress, in order to listen to the child and convince him that he is loved.

Restless Gemini mommy are always ahead when it comes to new trends, and sometimes it looks more modern than their child-prone to traditional thinking. She enjoys the new information or discussing curious ideas, not really caring about their effectiveness. Virgo is very pedantic and draws attention to any details.

Gemini Father — Virgo Child

This dad is so modern that it’s hard for Virgo to keep up with him. He is the first to learn something new and tells Virgo about everything that happens in the excited world. And he will be disappointed not to find that she shares his enthusiasm or excitement. Well, the Virgo prefers to see the whole picture, right up to the last detail, before deciding whether to worry about it or not. If her father criticizes her for it, she will be very upset. Sharp remarks can inflict a serious blow to her personality, depriving her of self-confidence. But the habit of criticizing is peculiar to both of them!

My father likes to observe the development of the little Virgo, but the children quickly overtake him. Unfortunately, Virgo can perceive this as the unwillingness of her father to communicate with her. But Gemini is excellent when they are engaged in something, even if it’s just reading out loud, walking or discussing a TV show. Here he has time to explain everything in detail, especially if it is interesting to him. Well, Virgo not only receives new information, but also learns to be more resourceful.

The atmosphere in their house will not always be very calm, although the Virgo would like it to be so. The father, in turn, may think that his child sometimes lacks energy. But it is thanks to the father, the child will learn communication skills and breadth of views.

Often Gemini is too busy with work and social life, and he simply does not have enough time to visit his little Virgo more often. But when he is near, he can comfort her, like no one else. Of course, his energy is spontaneous and unpredictable, he can appear and again go somewhere, but the Virgo will forgive him this, because she knows how to rejoice at any attention from her father.

Sometimes Gemini begins to play verbal games with an unsophisticated Virgo. She is hard to understand, because she is a child of the earth and she always needs to know exactly what can be expected and what others are going to do. She is even afraid of her father’s jokes, which put her at a dead end, depriving her of the usual practicality and certainty.

But the ability of the father to react quickly to everything, she can not but consider remarkable. She herself would like to parry other people’s remarks with brilliance, as her father does, but she will have to reconcile herself to the fact that even though her head works quite quickly, Virgos are not able to reach the speed of thinking of Gemini...

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