Leo Parents

Lion-parents understand the importance of the educational moment, that is why from the first days of their life babies born to them take full responsibility for the child’s development. From the early years to the entry into the age of majority of their children, the Lions are ready to help them in everything: play children’s games, drive to the movies and concerts, help in school years, teach important life principles, educate decency and honesty, generously sponsor their pocket expenses, Accustom to responsibility and achieve the goal.

The heart of a Leo is the heart of a man who loves only honestly, passionately, unconditionally and without looking back. Such parents are entitled to rely on love and gratitude from their children. Leo family is usually small. It can be childless couples or they will want to give birth to just one child. Leo’s children love their parents very much.

Leo Mother

Leo mother, despite the dominant note of power and domination, loves his children with all his heart, who are well aware of this, and is always ready to protect them if necessary. Such women manage not only to perfectly arrange the life of their family, but also to successfully advance through the career ladder.

Mother Lioness wants her child to be the best and all beloved. She takes care of him, buys him all the best. But she does not forget about herself, so her child fully corresponds to her level. If she grew up in the world of art, science, philosophy, among intelligent and educated people, she will try to develop her child to this level.

If the Leo mother does not have a good education, she does not particularly want to give it to her child. At best, if the child has the ability and will try to develop them. Then the Lioness mother will support him and boast of his achievements as his own.

Leo Father

In the role of the father, the Lions serve their child as an example of optimism, courage, dignity, generosity, generosity, caring attitude towards a weak, beautiful organizer and inspirer. To small children Lions are fond of tenderness and love. They like to play with them and develop their abilities. They seek to protect and protect their children from any danger.

Because of their love for the child, the Leo fathers do not notice their shortcomings, thereby missing the time for their timely eradication. When the child’s shortcomings become obvious, the Lion Fathers take them into their own account, considering them their own faults.

They begin to struggle with the shortcomings of their child with a search for the guilty, including a child, a wife, a kindergarten and a school. Will fall all. If relatives and friends tell Father Leo that he is to blame for everything, then tragedy can not be avoided. As a result, everything can collapse - love, family and even life. To prevent such a turn of events, Father Leo needs to study the theory of child upbringing himself.

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