Aquarius Child — Leo Parent

Since Aquarius is an air sign, he tries to stay away from the fire that Lion lights all around. This does not mean that Aquarius remains in the shadows, he simply refuses to participate personally in the representations, which are an integral part of the life of the Lion.

Aquarius rarely loses objectivity, he prefers a judicious approach to life, moving away from emotions. The lion is so concerned about everything that happens in life that he is irritated, noticing that his child-Aquarius shows complete indifference. In essence, Aquarius is not indifferent at all, but alienation helps him to create such an impression and eliminates the need to indulge other people’s whims.

Leo Mother — Aquarius Child

Aquarius is sometimes cold and detached, but even it will blossom in the atmosphere of warmth that his mother-lion can create. Generous, enthusiastic Lioness Aquarius will discover all the best qualities in himself, giving him the opportunity to feel loved and desired by the child.

But the mother must necessarily understand what excites Aquarius, what interests him and what he responds to. A lioness can be too persistent when she imposes something on another, even if she is one of the best motives. Stubborn Aquarius will desperately challenge his right to independence, wishing to follow in his life in his own way.

The proud Lioness wants her child to be among the best, because this, among other things, means that she is a wonderful mother! Aquarius is a very capable child, but he can not keep up with school, because he is constantly distracted. But the time will come, and he suddenly breaks free, leaving his classmates behind. So the mother should be patient, especially in the lower grades, helping him to focus on what he was asked.

Both Leo and Aquarius love interesting trips. A little researcher dreams of adventures, and although his mother is accustomed to comfort, she will gladly go with him when he becomes older. And while he is small, she will take him with her on a visit or to the theater, rejoicing every time how her child’s eyes shine. Both of them are very sociable, but if Aquarius is happy, when everyone is okay, his mother prefers to be in the spotlight herself. And I must say, she does it perfectly.

These two are definitely a very nice couple - when they do not argue among themselves! Both are a bit eccentric. Aquarius with his eccentricities and the Lioness with his ardor. But an independent Aquarius knows that his mother has also wisdom and is also very serious, so if someone should be asked for good advice, it’s to her. He will do so - when he grows up.

Leo Father — Aquarius Child

The regal Leo expects respect and adoration from his child, but admired glances are implied by themselves. He did not imagine that in the face of Aquarius, the family would get a little rebel! Waiting for the respect of Aquarius is not so easy - it needs to be won. And he will not obey authorities if he has no reason. As for adoring, Aquarius is not so structured to openly show their feelings.

And yet he can get along with his father-Lion. Both of them have a lively mind and are ready to discuss together some very serious problem. They like to sincerely smile from the heart. Aquarius does not care a bit about theatricality in the father’s behavior and his special way of dressing. Aquarius himself likes to stand out among the crowd, and he is glad that the father is able to understand this desire.

But the rigidity with which Leo will insist on discipline, Aquarius does not like. But he needs certain restrictions, otherwise he will induce anyone, but this should not be noisy scandals, but calm and logical explanations that leave no room for objections.

This father expects from his child all sorts of perfection and therefore often too demanding. But any rigidity only makes Aquarius even more naughty and alienated. In adolescence, Aquarius will not be easy, especially since Leo’s father will probably be a supporter of traditional views, and Aquarius will want to defend his rights, which somehow do not fit into the public consciousness. At this point, Leo will have to accept what is, because, if he is a dictator three times, it will not help anything.

Leo can become an excellent mentor for his child and help him find practical opportunities to translate his ideas into reality. And the father can be proud of his extraordinary child, who is really capable of revealing something new to the world.

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