Aries Child — Leo Parent

The relationship between the Aries child and the Leo parent will dominate any home. Both are conquerors of the world, but in a tight space each of them will aspire to the upper step of the staircase. Therefore, if the other members of the family belong to the signs of water or land, in this tournament they will be assigned seats for spectators.

Usually in a duel nobody suffers, it represents simply fascinating demonstration of bravado which admires both contenders. Aries and Leo fan each other’s enthusiasm, but usually understand how far they can go in their fight.

Leo Mother — Aries Child

Between Lion mom and her Aries-child there are always warm and reliable relations, because she understands her child so! Both of them are straightforward, full of optimism, cheerfully look at life and they have enough energy to conquer the whole world. The inclination of Lion’s mother to dramatic effects does not bother Aries at all - as well as her manners that attract everyone’s attention. He himself is willing to imitate them! He also likes to participate in the turbulent whirlpool of her interests, dating and communication, because it makes life much more interesting!

Lioness aims her Aries to success, and while everything goes according to her plan, they will not have problems. But she does not know how to handle failures, and bad grades or a failed test plunge her mother into complete despair, and such an experience of negative emotions can leave a trail for the child for life. A persistent little Aries is determined to win, and if he has decided to achieve something, most likely, it will. But he is also able to be distracted by anything, and even Leo mom will not be able to insist on what he does not want.

Clashes are almost inevitable if the mother insists on one, and Aries on the other. Both signs are easily vulnerable, and both will immediately show their discontent. It’s good that it does not often happen... Most likely, the Aries child will not be deprived of the warm and warm love of the mother. He knows that you can rely on her, that she will help him and word and deed, sharing his aspirations and supporting his own confidence.

He will always notice when his mother’s mood is down, because he knows how sensitive she is, although you can not tell by her appearance. And she understands that her brave and energetic little Aries needs a lot of love. They are really capable of being friends, and it’s so wonderful if the child has such a cheerful mother, whom she should be friends with!

Leo Father — Aries Child

Aries looks up to his powerful pa-Lion, who is really the most important in their family. Little Aries respects his father enough to recognize his leadership, because he knows that one can achieve his own here only with the help of careful flattery or patient obedience. And he has the mind to not argue with him!

Leo is proud of his ardent forward Aries and likes to be praised for such a clever child. True, he should not be too clever: with any attempt of Aries to look smarter than his father, he will be firmly put in his place! Loving Aries competition is annoying, because he can not stand when his "I" is belittled, and he also likes to think of himself as a leader.

With age, Aries will find that the father’s insistent demands of complete submission to him are difficult to tolerate, and his respect for his father will be overshadowed by rivalry. In the end, Aries discovers that his outstanding daddy is prone to make mistakes, like everyone else, and that he is far from perfect. And then there is a danger that Aries will want to reconsider his previous views.

But even then, between these two signs of fire, attachment and mutual understanding will remain. Aries will appreciate his father for the warmth of his heart, kindness and willingness to come to the rescue. Well, Leo father can secretly be proud of the fact that he produced such a strong personality, who knows what she wants!

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