Cancer Child — Leo Parent

Leo is an extremely self-confident sign, he likes to be in the center of attention and demonstrate his talents. Unlike him, Cancer waits on the sidelines, often skipping ahead of others. It is amazing that of them two Cancer is better foreseeing the future and is better able to foresee. The Leo demonstrates his skill and immediately falls into despondency, not hearing deafening applause. The main difference between these two signs is that the Lion gives energy, and Cancer receives it. They are the speaker and listener.

The Leo is embarrassed if his child often takes two steps back before stepping forward. But this is necessary for Cancer to weigh the situation and tune in to it. Cancers react to what is happening on the inner emotional level and can act in the mood, but with the help of the Lion they are able to learn "how to behave if…"

Leo Mother — Cancer Child

A brisk Lion mom looks like a star against the background of other moms, charging everyone with energy, giving a radiant smile and surprising with a decisive approach to life. Little Cancer thinks that his mother knows how to be confident and optimistic, but sometimes thinks about whether he will ever be able to follow her example.

Cancer is more shy, does not like to stand out and lacks the demonstrative assertiveness of Leo. He knows that bad mood and pessimism are sometimes stronger than him, and he prefers to remain in the shadows. He is not able to understand how this mother can always be so gay and radiant.

Mom-Lion probably wants her child to get his share of fame. She can help it if she awakens a sense of pride for Cancer, if only because he is so caring. In Cancer, you need to maintain a sense of self-confidence, so praise him for natural wisdom and thoughtfulness, for his willingness to listen and help, for a kindhearted desire to console other people. These are all excellent qualities, and Cancer needs to realize that he is appreciated for them.

Mother does not interfere with the affection of Cancer: Lioness experiences an incomparable feeling when a small Cancer lovingly kisses her on the cheek. And Cancer is so grateful to the mother for her generosity, for the wonderful gifts and beautiful things! The mother is simply happy because her child is willingly helping her around the house, and she has more time for her favorite pursuits. But she is not always subtle and attentive, and it is difficult for her to understand that Cancer does not possess the inherent self-confidence of Leo.

Leo mom will feel great if Cancer makes a sharp, pointed remark to someone, that is, she does the same as she did if she felt herself hurt. But the Lioness should closely monitor what lies behind the mood swings of this sensitive child. Perhaps an accidental remark wounded him, but his mother did not notice it? The ardent Lioness must show exceptional softness when it comes to serious comments. After all, a small Cancer is very vulnerable and must be sure that they do not reject him, even if they are angry with him.

Leo mother often wants to realize her own aspirations in her children, so she needs to make sure that she does not put pressure on the child, urging him to do something that he does not like. She needs to remember that Cancer is very different from herself and that one should not interfere with his personality. Well, the answer to this will be the most tender love and the most sincere gratitude of her child.

Leo Father — Cancer Child

Father Leo seems to be a giant to his little Cancer. He is big, strong and daring, noisy and frantic, and he, perhaps, is loved by everyone. The father shines in the crowd like the sun and draws the people around him like a magnet. Kid-Cancer is very proud that he has such a powerful, invulnerable father. Leo dad revels in his devotion. He really feels something royal in himself and believes that children should idealize him. But Cancer has an innate disposition to criticism, and the day will come when he will be forced to say something to his father that will cause him a bit of hubris. So it would be better if his father did not try to always look perfect, because he will feel insolvent, when his offspring will deprive him of a halo.

Leo should try to get Cancer the attention that he needs to gain self-confidence. The father will have to show interest in the affairs and hobbies of his child, who, in all likelihood, will not share his own interests, unless he decides to do it to please his father. It is vital that Leo respect his right to individuality and allow him to choose his own way in life.

Cancer will gladly accept Leo’s wise advice, and if he finds a way how to cautiously help him, the connection between them will indeed be strong. Most of all Cancer likes to feel protected, and next to the big and strong father-lion it is not difficult. True, the Lion is the Lion. He sometimes shows his really Lion’s character, but it is necessary to be more careful here, because Cancer takes everything that is necessary and not necessary at its own expense.

Leo is better to explain, because of what he is angry, and make sure that the rules he sets are really understandable. His little Cancer is very sensitive and very painful to any rudeness. He is all composed of emotions, and this can bring him a lot of anxiety, if you do not teach the child to talk about their feelings and understand them. So do not regret this time!

The Leo, of course, will be proud of the fact that the child grows so cordial and caring! He himself is a very warm person who loves to lavish happiness around himself. Perhaps Cancer will not be as wide-ranging as his father, but those he loves will appreciate his delicate attention and careful participation.

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