Capricorn Child — Leo Parent

The Leo is inimitable: he demonstrates his talents without embarrassment, being in the center of attention, because he is a magnificent animal, next to which the surrounding people are in the shade. Compared with the brilliant Lion-parent a Capricorn can feel awkward and stupid and will not be able to defeat the awkwardness. It’s all about the natural ability of Leo to show himself and the unshakable conviction that his talents will certainly be appreciated. Capricorn takes many years to gain at least a fraction of this self-confidence.

In the society of the Lion there is one great advantage: as soon as he demonstrates his talents, he generously recognizes the abilities of others. The Lion will praise Capricorn at any convenient opportunity. Leo should remember one thing: Capricorn seeks to achieve the goal on their own. He does not like it when he is forcibly taken to the center of the stage for applause - and wants to earn respect and recognition when he is ready for it. Capricorn is revealed quite late, as it is controlled by the planet Saturn, named after the timekeeper.

Leo Mother — Capricorn Child

Capricorn looks with admiration at his mother Lion - on her benevolence and ability to shine in public. Lioness spares no time and attention for little Capricorn, so he does not feel deprived of warmth and love. In fact, Mama-Leo is the center of the life of the Capricorn child.

The eccentric behavior of the mother and her vivid character, he can consider funny. Capricorn himself is much more restrained and even distrusts overly noisy people, but not to his mother. On the contrary, he envies her ability to command and her self-confidence. He admits that she is kind, but at the same time she is so bold and resolute and admired for her scope and scale, because she does not notice any little things!

They have a good relationship: the mother does not feel tense with such a calm and predictable child as Capricorn. Well, the child does not make extraordinary claims to the mother, so they are interested in each other’s society, although they are so different!

True, the Lioness can simply forget that little Capricorn is waiting for her attention and approval. His efforts, his strenuous efforts must necessarily be noted, but Mama-Leo often takes it for granted. Capricorn wants to become as cordial and attractive as his mother, but he is controlled by the cold planet Saturn, so it will take him some time to learn how to show his emotions. Lioness as if radiates heat, and there is so much joy in it - you just can not help but love! True, against its background, it may seem to others that Capricorn is too reserved and that it is difficult to talk with him...

Serious and practical Capricorn believes that in some things the mother would not be prevented by restraint. And she is so careless about money! But he appreciates the mother’s energy and kindness, he admires her ability to attract and inspire people. And then, does not she has such serious qualities as the ability to give valuable advice, show love and support? Well and if it is necessary, it perfectly will understand and in practical questions of a life so with Lion-mom it is possible to feel confidently.

Leo Father — Capricorn Child

The big and strong Leo-father seems to the Capricorn-child just a god! He really knows everything, and it turns out for him somehow by itself. Little Capricorn is amazed at how easily he succeeds. Capricorn, too, would like to always be in the center of attention and universal love, but he knows that he is not at all endowed with the brightness and charm of his father. He will have to rely on his own resources, while the father’s popularity is based on simple magnetism!

The father wants his children to be among the first, and he is always proud of Capricorn’s successes. But he can put too much pressure on his child, while making it clear that he will be disappointed if he does not live up to his expectations. Capricorn rarely makes him disappointed, because he used to do everything in good faith. But if something does not work for him, the Lion should not show his displeasure.

Capricorn himself dreams of success and recognition. He wants everyone to know how clever he is, and he will be so proud if his father praises him at least a little! This will help him to strengthen his self-confidence, and in fact it is very fragile, especially in adolescence. If this is not taken care of, it can turn into a problem.

Often the father, unwittingly, overshadows the personality of his child. We need to give him the opportunity to be in the spotlight too, because it will help him to appreciate himself. And we need to explain to the child that his diligence and conscientiousness will be sure to be noticed, because not only dodgers or populists make society talk about themselves.

Sometimes a Capricorn child behaves like an adult, so you need to remind him that as a child, everyone has the right to be happy and carefree. The Leo can show Capricorn how to make life bright and festive. He will explain to him what it means to be an optimist, to learn to look to the future and easier to adapt to change. There are so many opportunities in life that you should not give up, even if you have chosen only one way in life!

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