Gemini Child — Leo Parent

Gemini seek to learn everything in the world, and Leo gives the impression of a person who knows everything decisively, so this combination is ideal for study. The lion-parent is filled with pride, watching as the bud of the child’s mind-Gemini dissolves, turning into a flower. The lion shines at the thought that he produced such an intelligent child, considering the Gemini child a kind of masterpiece.

But before the Lion can enjoy, swimming in the reflected glory of the little Gemini, the child will have an opinion on this matter. This is the problem. Gemini will not only take over the knowledge of the Lion and dance to his tune, he will wish to improvise, act independently and express his own thoughts - in other words, try to eclipse Leo, but not one Leo will reconcile with the position of the second violin. The Gemini will have to bow before the king of the jungle and show humility along with the other ten signs of the zodiac, subjects in the possessions of Leo. In his house Leo represents the supreme power, and Gemini is better not to challenge his rights.

Leo Mother — Gemini Child

The Gemini child thinks that having a Lion Mom is very interesting and certainly not boring. She takes him everywhere with her, acquaints with remarkable people, gives gifts, likes to gossip and shares his interest in life. Gemini is sure that she is the best!

Lioness has a loving noble heart, and she understands her child well. It radiates the warmth that the Gemini responds to, and his happy smile is exactly what she wants to receive in return. She likes the relations established between them, and the little Gemini always allocates it from all around.

The mother is proud of her child: he is so clever, so clearly expresses his thoughts, so inquisitive and intelligent! And she bathes in the rays of his glory... Of course, she herself deserves to praise, because she put so much energy to teach him to read and write, as well as much more. With her curious character, she will develop thoughtfulness in him, helping to find a connection between various phenomena and to better understand the world around him. But she can put too much pressure on him, trying to send it wherever she wants. A Gemini needs to feel free and make decisions, otherwise it’s hard for him to become that self-confident person that he can be.

Mothers should not lose their temper when a child does not give anyone peace, this is also part of his charm. That’s what he really should not be allowed to, so it’s too easy to handle facts. And he must promise her that he will never lie in anything. But if the Leo mother seems that her Gemini talks a lot and acts little, she will help him to realize those ideas that really are worth something.

Leo Father — Gemini Child

Leo dad is so big and noisy, and the little Gemini is completely delighted with him. He sees that the father is always the soul of society, and wants to grow up the same as he. But Gemini is so different from Leo! The energy of Mercury makes him seek entertainment, while Leo prefers to stay in one place - the focus of attention. Gemini is even more talkative than his father, and he is very sociable, but he lacks the warmth and nobility of Leo, as well as his ability to charge everyone with his enthusiasm. Instead, Gemini is looking for information that can be immediately communicated to others.

Gemini likes that his father has so many friends and that these are people who have much to learn from! And the most wise teacher can become for him the father himself. In emotional terms, both are independent enough, and they will have very good relations without any particular claims to each other. True, Gemini, with his free-thinking and unwillingness to restrict his father’s view of discipline, may sometimes seem too strict. The father wants to hold the reins of power firmly in his hands and is able to establish a dictatorial regime in the family. But if he can explain to Gemini what he expects of him, it will be much more effective.

Gemini understands that his father loves him, because he feels his protection and protection. Maybe he is amused by Leo’s somewhat eccentric look and his manner of dressing too fast, but he does not mind that everyone’s attention is more often drawn to his father than to himself. While Gemini has someone to talk to, he is quite happy. And he is ready for exciting conversations with his Leo-father - this bright, attractive and really extraordinary personality.

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