Leo Child — Leo Parent

The union of two people born under the same sign is always fraught with surprises. Even when nature has taken care that the two Lions find themselves next door as a parent and child, such an alliance will be no less risky. The advantages of such alliances include a strong connection between people of the same sign. They understand each other with a half-word, the child and parent merge into one and know how to encourage each other to act. But the Lion prefers to be the first, and two people in the same house can not simultaneously occupy the middle of the stage. Need for compliance, the ability to give and receive. At one time, the Lion will certainly learn, and yet each of the Lions will constantly try to push the opponent off the pedestal if he considers that the opponent takes him too long!

The Lion is closely connected with the creative activity and the process of birth, which is part of its program of self-expression. This sign considers its offspring the fruit of its labor. Therefore, the Leo parent feels pride, giving life to the little Leo, and admires it with rapture as evidence of the superiority of his own genes. Enthusiastically purring and cooing over this masterpiece, the Leo parent will try to give it a complete form - then the troubles begin! Lions have a strong will, they try to try their hand at a big game, even if they bite off more than they can chew. Leo’s parent will have to spend a lot of time and energy to keep small Leo from reckless actions. The lion cubs are annoyed that having a Leo parent, he is not able to enjoy the fullness of life - the way the Leo parent does it.

Leo Mother — Leo Child

The presence of this pair is immediately felt. Even at the school sports festival, the main event can be not only the result of a small Leo in a 100-meter race, but also the spectacular hat of his Lion mom. Both of them tend to be in the spotlight and really become bright stars in any crowd.

Problems can arise in the event that Mommy-Leo wants her child to get the role of the protagonist. But usually she prefers to stand side by side, reveling in the reflection of glory, which of course is worthy of her child. And she will try to make sure that the child has achieved all that he is capable of. This mother will squeeze out of her children the maximum possible and simply will not reconcile with failure. It is expected that the little Leo will receive the highest marks and succeed in all subjects. And probably, it will be so, because this child has an innate desire to become the first.

But the mother should be more careful, showing perseverance. The lion can not stand to be ordered, and the day will come when he will rebel, if the mother’s control is too obvious. But the mom’s ability to borrow it and supply brilliant new ideas will do him good. Creativity Leo needs to be fed, otherwise they can become lazy.

This mother understands her child’s need for reverence and knows how to praise him. He will answer her the same way, feeling that she should flatter her, especially since she is such a caring mother! And they both appreciate the warmth and generosity of each other. This resourceful, magnetic, loving couple will give their warmth to others, spreading around themselves the radiance of the Sun, which they control. It’s so cool when the Lions are around!

But it will be so until both begin to claim too much for the main role. None of them will want to recognize the orders of another, but eventually the mother will get bored, and little Leo will have to give in. If this ardent couple quarrel, wait for fierce wrangling, besides, none of them will not apologize. It will take some time before they return to their warmth and charm. True, the mother can speed it up by caressing her little Leo. These two know well what a feeling of mutual trust, openness and friendliness. They like to be together and really know how to make so that in the life of each of them there is more sun.

Leo Father — Leo Child

Leo father risks finding a competitor in the face of his own child! The younger Leo also likes to command and is sure that parents are simply obliged to fulfill all his whims. Leo is considered to be the most power-hungry sign of the zodiac, and this becomes evident from the first days of his birth.

The senior Leo acts as an ideal model for imitation, and the little Leo needs ideals. Such a father likes to be in the focus of attention, at the very center of any public gathering, and he is just born for leadership. Little Leo will look at him with eyes full of adoration, hoping someday to become the same. He makes his father feel really special - almost perfect. But at the same time the father should not lose his vigilance, so that one day it will not be found out that Leo also has shortcomings! The child will feel disappointed when he realizes that his father is just a man...

In the meantime, it is from the father that those joy, energy and inspiration emerge, of which the little Leo can only dream. He makes the life of Leo Jr. bright, full of pleasure and surprises, because even with small money, Father Leo manages to create an atmosphere of abundance. The father likes that his clever child shares his views. They relate to each other with warmth and generosity, and everyone is ready to protect another, if necessary. Lions do not know what embarrassment is, like spectacular gestures and theatrical postures.

All this is very amusing, and the father allows his child to play the role of a hero, unless, of course, he tries to eclipse him. Little Leo is delighted with his father’s optimism. He is inspired by his father’s self-confidence and by the fact that he recognizes his abilities. And in fact, there are no obstacles that the Lion could not overcome! This couple will always find time to share ideas or entertain each other with a fun game, because they are not just a father and a child - they are friends for life.

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